Thursday, April 14, 2016

East Wall Rd.

                            When Aldi opens Lidl opens across the road.
                                 East Wall Rd. expands
                                   Oscar Wilde relaxes on a rock at the corner of Merrion Square

                                                Some of the wise thoughts from the great man

 A wonderful days rain had Joe public giving us the royal salute all over the place.
Just like Christmas eve it was.
But normal service has returned today.

I had a guy with a broken foot in the car, I picked him up at the Abbey theater.
A tough break for an actor I said..Even worse for a director was his reply.
I don't get to many plays I said but I went to the Arthur Miller play View from the bridge, it was really great I said. I directed that in the Gate he said.
Then all the way to his destination I told him about what I loved about his production.
At journeys end he told me I had missed my vocation.
Thanks Joe Dowling.

Today there was a fatal shooting outside Noctors pub off Sheriff St.
If you walked down there at any hour of the night or day you would see guys selling drugs..
Never a Garda in sight..
Now there is 100 Garda down there.
Where do they think the shooter might be ?
Hiding around the corner !!!

Law and no order is a joke here.

A moment from the back seat came from a wonderful Czech girl who had had a baby recently.
My baby is 8 months old, he is wonderful.
I could never have have imagined in all my life that I could love someone so much as him, its really amazing...
Well you can't top that.

When you see something so complicated as this done so well.

Now the next clip shows how something very simple can be done so badly.

Another taxi journey........This time in Paris where the driver is having a very bad day.
He is being teased and you can see how tempers might escalate out of control..
The driver might even bite off the guys thumb. (Ouch)  

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