Sunday, April 24, 2016

Travel the world, drive a taxi

There was a couple in the taxi from Georgia on the Black sea the other day.
They asked me what I knew about their country.
Well you are perhaps the only one to have a white flag,,with a big red cross and 4 red crosses in each quadrant.They were had unusual features, slightly oriental, but they are squeezed between Turkey and Azerbaijan..Professors of peace negotiation and conflict resolution.
Perhaps they could sort out rulers and get them to work.

Russian, Indian, Iranian, Saudi Arabian, Polish Slovakian, Phillippino, Canadian and a few Irish were all in my taxi this week. All this insight into the ways of the world and you are home for your tea.

Once upon a time Phil Lynott the rock star and Paul McGrath were the only exotic Irish stars we had.

I have to go away on business now and I am getting ready.

I will tell all when I get back,

I hope that you can download this, you might have to go on your PC to get it.
A lot of taxi drivers are in a very dark place at present and this may help you the Hub also needs  any contrabution you can make, even a box of tea bags.

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The man from Limerick said it all

Then some people asks a direct question, see how they side step the issues

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