Saturday, April 09, 2016

Electric future ?

                                                             Our Italian Quarter.

I had a guy in the car who was showing cars in the RDS green energy show.
He told me he had a Tata car on display and I could put my name down for a test drive.
Its a 100% electric car..Eager to drive one I went in to the RDS in Ballsbridge (Merrion leasing))and the lady at the desk told me that they were not giving test drives in that car, but I could drive a Nissan Leaf.
The guy had also told me that the future was in leasing your car, no big outlay and you just hand it back when you are finished with it.
Ts and Cs apply and I bet my mileage would be too high and all the stickers on the door would be against their wishes.
But my next Norwegian passenger told me that the Tata had increased the battery size to give 200Kms range and now the car is extra heavy. You can learn a lot in a Taxi.

If I was telling this story in a pub everyone would say it was a joke.
Sometimes fact beats fiction..

In Philadelphia an Uber taxi was engaged to drive someone to New York
(Google tells me that it is 96.5 miles or 2 hours 11 Mins.)
So off they went  and after a while the driver needed a rest and asked the passenger to drive for a while. The driver woke up to police sirens blaring and the passenger driving like a maniac.
"Why are you going so fast?" said the driver "I don't want the police to catch me as I have been disqualified from driving" said the passenger.
Then he crashed the car...............

Stranger than fiction.

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