Saturday, July 08, 2017

A downhill slope

Lucy driving her first taxi

Did you say you wanted a TAP?

Tractor driving school? Why not

Well I am really on holiday now, getting my meter taken out. Then getting it put into the new car.
The car has to be wrapped in the new mytaxi company logo.
Then the guys from legal meteorology will inspect the work and pass me out with their blessing for work.
Its just a big paper chase, but it has to be done.
So I went into town to have my hair cut. 5 guys waiting there and only one mans barber working, so I decamped to Clearys bar on Aimiens St.
At the door of the pub I spotted a woman who had frozen in time!!!!!!!!!
Just standing there her two bags of shopping on the ground. One bag had spilled a bit,it was like in a movie frozen. Nothing was happening the video had stopped.
People passed by.
Then a woman came over and woke her up and helped her with her bags.
I said to a man in the door of the pub.
"If my dog was as disturbed as that woman is I would have it put down to ease its pain"

So folks its time for a little bit of education.

You think you have drugs? Wait until Crystal Meth comes.

A story of an addict..

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