Saturday, July 15, 2017

Technology me arse

Vintage taxi meter

Never a truer word spoken

Big brother is still watching us. Google camera.

Every now and then you come on something new..Good? Bad?
Well everything has both.
Mobile phones Great. But people have forgotten the real world and text and spend time on facebook while all the time little Sarah or Johnny are trying to tell them something really important.
Like "Mum your going to crash"

So it is with "Proximity key."
You walk up to the car and put your hand on the handle and it unlocks, then you press the power button and away you go.
The first time I heard of it was from a guy who lived in California, "Over there all cars are all high end cars.So I bought a second hand Ferrari. Wow Look at me"
So I was driving around like a big shot.
I got a phone call as I was walking up to my car and I put the keys and my coffee on the roof of the car. It was very a important call. I had to zoom off and lifting the coffee from the roof I just zoomed off.. Not for long though before my car told me to pull over as it was shutting down.
The bloody keys were on the roof...... Towing charges $500, New key $3000
This is the price you pay for being a dunce.
A Concierge at a swanky hotel delivered the car to its owner.
5 miles down the road he pulls in to get a drink.
The car won't start the asshole at the hotel has the key in his pocket.
A taxi is called (Which is on the hotel tab) to deliver the key to him.

I now have a new car with one proximity key....The second key will cost me €480
This is the price of progress.
Plenty of scope for error, still its a great car.
We worry about how progress will catch us out, people with fancy gizmos copying our key signals in multi story car parks.
God be with the days when the key had a number and it could be cut in a few minutes..
The past is great its 20 20 vision

So for myself I have to redo my NCT its not out of date for 18 months  but for a taxi its a week out of date.
Then they have to check the meter, then my first aid kit and fire extinguishers etc,,
As sure asTechnology as God made little apples I will check my taxi app in a few weeks to find that 2 of the cars in front of me in the queue will be illegal when I check them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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