Friday, July 21, 2017

Law and order.

The natural history Meuseium or the dead zoo.

A huge mural down at Smithfield look at the cars
 Over the last few days the law once more proved itself that it is a complete ass.
A girl from Brazil arrived to visit her host family in Galway, she had stayed them a few years previously as an au pair and was looking forward to seeing the kids again.
The immigration questioned her up closely and they rang her host family in Galway who told them that she was expected.
Then she was arrested, brought to the womans prison, strip searched and held overnight.
Her cellmate was a drug addict and alcoholic and was getting sick into the sink in the cell which they shared.
She asked for a drink of water and was told to take her drink from the vomit covered sink and tap.

Now people from Brazil can come to visit for 90 days without a visa anyhow.
She was so traumatized by her treatment that she got on a plane and went away.

A Spanish girl met a homeless guy and it is alleged that he took her for a walk around the city
He was out on parole for another crime at the time.
It is said that he raped her and held her captive over a 24 hour period.
Only when he fell asleep did she manage to make her escape.
He was arrested and then he was let out on bail !!!!!!!!!
Even though he had broken the terms of his parole.

But today he is back in court and we can all sleep safely in our beds.

Well my old taxi is off the road while I jump through hoops to have the new car passed out as a taxi.
So I am resting until tomorrow until I apply to have the new car passed out.
After you have your car NCT'd you have to wait 48 hours so that a record appears on the "System"
Now the building where they do the testing is the exact same building as the one where all the other paperwork is done.
Its a bit maddening to say the least.

The airwaves were full of the exploits of Rosemary Smith the 79 year old rally driver.
You see she got the chance to drive a formula 1 racing car and she jumped at it.
I must say that my Ferrari drive was great 180 mph!, but the car hugs the road so well that you feel like you are doing only 80.
The sad part of the day came when they told me that I couldn't take it home.

 Here is the clip of her drive

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