Thursday, July 06, 2017

To tip or say thank you

The new car park in Eindhoven which collapsed

The tractor driving school and why not

Prakis DIY store Taps ans more Taps

There is never a best time to do something  that you have not planned for.
So we visited our brother in law in Einddhoven Holland.
I had not planned to change my car when the flights were booked a month ago.
Were you ever there?
Things work well.
Things work very well.
Much of the country is under sea level, they have dams and canals to hold the water.
The last time I was there Paris was flooded and everywhere in Holland showed no panic.

Go to Dublin port on Friday morning to see truck after truck come off the ferry's bringing flowers to Ireland.
Can't we even grow a few flowers?
The people in Holland are slimmer than the Irish and the youth are nearly all over 6ft.tall.

In Eindhoven airport they built a new multi story car car park and it collapsed.

Just as well it wasn't a dam.

In the scale of things things you never can tell.
You pick the quickest route by 20 mins and the customer says.
"That way was longer"
Though it was 20 minutes shorter.

If we could rewind the clock and have her sitting in static traffic how would she be then?.

When push comes to shove.
 "Just put the €100 into my hand now and I will do my best"

I am just pissed off driving for losers.

That sounds hard.
But none of those punters would pay your speeding ticket,
They often get out at T2 and wait for 20c change.

Not all though, which is the catch.

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  1. Don't let the bad hires overshadow the good ones. Out of curiosity what new car did you get?