Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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How to change the battery of a mark 3 proximity key
. First take out the manual key
 Then Prize it open with a small screwdriver
 Then open it up again to expose the battery

 Photograph each step to prevent you putting the covers back on the wrong way.

I came across this story about a blogger who thought it would be nice to stay at a Dublin hotel and she would pay with a good write up in her blog.
The hotelier said NO WAY.
This attracted the blogger to argue that the publicity would bring him extra business.
But the judgment would be biased from the start.
Anyhow how would this free publicity pay his staff or cover his overheads.
The blogger was a bit of a whinger and she took another swipe at him.

Then her "Fans" started giving the hotel negative ratings even though they have never been to the hotel.He has taken it up with google
Read the story here.

There was a restaurant close to the Westbury hotel and the one across the road was closed down and they were stripping it out. On the wall was plaques saying "So and So" says eat here.
"You should take a few of them and put them up" I said to the guy across the street.
He has since retired since but he told me. Those plaques cost more than €400 each and I doubt if the people who recommended the restaurant ever ate there.
He told me of a place in Italy where the business was very very good.
The maitre'd chatted to his patrons who enjoyed the food without exception.
There was a bench at one side where 4 people sat every night.
If a table didn't turn up they got it. Then if they waited until the end of the night they got a free meal.

He told me that one day a small French gentleman had his meal and asked for the matre'd.
Good day sir. My name is Egon Rone of the Michlan guide and I have just had one of the fantastic eating experiences of my life. My staff have eaten here before and tonight we are giving you 2 gold stars. This has never been given as a first time before!

He shook hands with the little Frenchman and introduced him to all his staff, never saying anything about the award. When he reached the store rooms he then told the Frenchman how honored he was that he should be offered the award.
We will not be accepting it, you see we cannot cater for more people, all I can do is to keep the standard high and my staff happy.
Our staff would come under pressure, critics would arrive to write a negative report to elevate their standing in the Sunday papers,
Some may even arrive and demand free food.

This will not happen.
So here is your bill
Please do come again and I hope we will impress you the next time as well.

Quite a few chefs have killed themselves over the pressure of a gold star.

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