Sunday, January 28, 2018

Meter updated

Mystical symbols in the lobby of the Clayton hotel Ballsbridge

A new lampshade waits hanging..Tricky one

The glass lift and staircase in the National gallery.

The Turner water colors are on display in the national gallery on Clare St until next Wednesday.
The gallery is closed on Mondays.

On Friday I went up to the taxi meter man.
A lot of taxis waiting, much confusion.
Some with appointments others like me looking for appointments.
Then Charley the owner came in and looked at the confusion.
"Who has no appointment?"
Then he handed out 4 legal meteorology form books, "fill these out and I will do you all now"
True to his word he updated all the meters, each one taking 2 mins and costing each driver €75.
Then the meter has to be sealed again ...another €86.10
All this for a 3% increase, the last one was 4 years ago.
Its a rip off and a racket.
Plus time wasted.

Spare a thought for James Stunt the x husband of Petra Ecclestone of formula 1 fame.
He got himself into the record books as the victim of Britians biggest burglary.
£90 Million. in cash, gold bars, jewelry and watches.
No CCTV and no insurance.
At least he still has his cars one of which is said to be worth £3.1 million.
The couple were once said to be worth £5.5 billion
But are they happy?

Then there was a french music teacher who created a double identity to claim social welfare payments and now owes the system €175,000.
But he has seen the error of his ways and he is paying it back at €100 per week, or if he keeps it up its €5,200 a year ! I wonder did he surrender his passport.

I wish my taxman would give me the same opportunity.

I had a man in a hurry who no matter which way I was going was the wrong way.
"Look I think I will just jump out here!"
I told him to pay up or tell me which way he wanted to go, not tell me that every way was the wrong way,
It seemed to work, he shut up and in the end he gave me a €5 tip, then he apologized. Things are quiet at present

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