Wednesday, January 03, 2018

All the way from Turin

I went into this store the other day

There is an escalator going up and these filthy stairs going down.

Inside the lobby of the Gresham hotel very unusual
I was passing the  L'Occitane shop and I popped in

I saw the sign 50%off
I went in and picked something out only to be told.
"No sir that is not a sale item"

Note to self...Stay away from them in future..

The other day I picked up a lady from Italy Turin to be exact and she told me of her plight.
She came to Ireland in November and has not managed to find proper accommodation yet.

She is staying in Air B and Bs or guest houses since then.
I suggested some things which might work.
Then as I was sorry for her I gave her my number and she gave me hers.
The next day I visited a friend whose late brother has hundreds of apartments in his property company, a few near where she works into the bargain.
I sent her a text to expect a phone call from them.
For three days now she never contacted me to say she got the message.
This introduction means that she would not be trying to beat other renters to the flat.
An easy ride.
And not even a simple thank you.
Four days later she read the message 

Well I suppose you make your own luck in the end of the day.

A guy in the taxi had brought his wife to London to visit his his daughter.
But the daughter got the flu and had to be hospitalized for 5 days. It cost her  £6,000.
Shit that would make anyone sick.
They brought her dog home by ship as she was not well enough to care for the dog.

So tomorrow I am off the Boots to get the jab €25.
At this stage they now know the exact strain of the infection.
We taxi drivers have people sneezing and coughing over us all the time.

I went into a TV shop to buy a new telly.
Then I asked for a toilet. "We have no customer toilets, but a store 3 units down has a customer toilet"
So I walked down to use the toilet and the humor of buying a TV had gone off me.
But today the that old telly of 15 years gave up the ghost for good.
So I have one picked out and I will get it tomorrow, and for sure it won't be in the store with no rest room.

The older I get I see myself more and more like this guy

Did you hear about the fire in Liverpools Echo arena? 1,400 cars destroyed.

Now where is the guy who didn't put in a sprinkler system ?

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  1. oops, that was a kind of New Year's firework...