Friday, January 19, 2018

A famous house on the SCR

There is a house on the South Circular Rd where a very famous person once lived.

Did you ever hear of Jean Darling ?
In the 40s she was a superstar in the mold of Shirley Temple.
When I got to know her she was elderly and could be mistaken for a bag lady.
Her mind though was as sharp as a tack. When she found out that I loved magic we became friends for the rest of her life.

Her mother brought her to Hollywood against her fathers wishes when she was very small and she became a star, as the work started to dry up. (She was no longer a cute baby face) she was approached by the inland revenue.
"Miss Darling .you haven't paid any income tax"
Mummy was taking care of all that but she had given it all to fortune tellers then the mother pissed off and Gene did a little bit of this and that.
Paying her taxes as she went.
One day she met her life's partner Kajar the magician.
She toured the world with him learning every facet of presentation and illusion craft.
When he died she came to live in Dublin, she was a bit of a recluse.

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