Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Last Sunday I got a run down to Celbridge from the airport. Down the M50 I went and when I went to take the exit at Liffey valley He said no its the next turn off. When we got to the Red Cow exit he directed me towards Naas. After a few minutes he said I was going the wrong way!
Ever the diplomat I just said I was following his directions. When on a dual carriageway it can be hard to turn around.
Look I will turn off the meter & bring you there cross country, so we cut through the Kildare countryside in the morning sun, with the grumbling passenger giving out stink.
Look I said the only looser here is me. you gave me directions and even when I told you it was the other way you insisted on going the opposite way.
Just give me e25 and we will call it quits. He gave me 30 but saying he was wrong was not on the cards. Perhaps I will be more forceful in the future. Hindsight they say is 20/20 vision.
I noticed signs pointing to a sale of Vintage and classic cars at the City West hotel.
I had the camera so enjoy the photos. There was 20 men there to every woman.
So the rest is for the boys only.

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