Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A good laugh

Today is a very important day if you are a member of the Russian orthodox church.
So the lady told me as she gave me directions to the church which is at Mount Jarome cemetery in Harolds cross. This is the day when we pray for the departed souls x days after Easter Sunday.Radinissia Day.
She was a wealth of knowledge, Russian Orthodox is the oldest church. Much older than the Catholic church. Hundreds of Russian Orthodox people came here when China occupied some land where they lived, you can go round the back and see their graves, but come inside its a beautiful church. 6 people were there and the priest could be herd but not seen as he chanted from behind a screen. No seats, the parishioners walked about praying.
She was a pensioner but buzzing like a bee with activity.
Sunday brought home the people who had been away, Spain , S. France raining! New York snowing, here if was lovely.
One couple were back from Morocco where they had bought a beautiful leather bag for around e50. A steal!
They had a car under cover when we arrived at the house. What car is that? Ford Mustang she said. Its his toy.
I had a book at home about Lee Iaccocca the guy who had the vision to build the car so I threw it into my car and gave it to them. When I went back the covers were off. It is the new model Mustang. I wish them good look with such a beautiful car.

Today I had 3 people in the car from Mauritius, they are becoming quite common and they were talking in Creole French..the accents on the words made the language sound so strange, like Cork or Scouse English I suppose.
On O'Connell St I met a guy who drives a taxi in Sydney Adelade and Dublin. He feels most at home here and we do a damn sight better here than in Sydney. The heat there would kill you.
How does he do it?

I brought another girl from Cork out to the airport really bright girl and she said something really profound.
Ireland for the first time in recent history has immigration. Young eager people bringing their own experiences, dreams and hopes to the country, perhaps the Irish should not be so afraid and try to live up to their expectations.
She was colored, but that will never hold her back. Not for a second.

Eco taxis made their debut yesterday and the're free !

Now here is a candid camera thing. First is Tommy Gorman head of the taxi union NTDU
Cut and paste.
Its a pity the "links" thing wont work

I laughed so much the tears were running down my legs.
Hope it worked for you .
The other one Is George Hook a radio presenter.


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