Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring has sprung

I was in Mountjoy Prison the other day and there is the original "Auld triangle" all along the banks of the Royal canal. But that story will be for another day.
A novel form of transport, there was 2 kids in the sidecar with little leather helmets. So cute.
In Japan they drive out to the country to view the cherry blossom,they sit and wonder at its beauty, just now it is at its very best.
The weather has turned and we are having fantastic sunshine.
March, they say if it comes in like a Lion it goes out like a lamb and visa versa.

I am off to Kerry for 2 nights and 3 days, so no worries for me about the traffic jams on the M50 for a while.

I service my car myself the last garage I used let me down in a manner that has come in with the Celtic tiger.
I pulled up on a Friday afternoon and filled up my Diesel car with petrol a mile down the road she conks out. I cruse in to the hard shoulder and phone for a break down truck.
While I am waiting I phone the garage. Paul its John here I am getting a tow up to your place I need you to siphon out petrol.
Listen to me , he said. When I finish working on this car I will be dropping the bonnet and I will not be working on anything the second of Jan.
What about me?

There's more than one garage in Dublin.

Christmas day was on a Wed. that year and this was on Friday afternoon, so I siphoned her out and poured the petrol into my diesel central heating tank and gave it a bit of a mix with a stick.Cleaned the fuel filter bowl out and pumped up fresh diesel through the fuel line, a new filter.
Bingo I was back for the night shift.

I went to one other garage. The first service took overnight and up to 2.pm the next day.
Then a crafty old bugger told me to leave the roof sign at home next time, hey presto the next service took 2 hours. The fecker had been working my taxi all night.
Now if he had done something wrong there would have been all hell to pay.

There are so many taxis now that it is hardly worth anyones while to go out.
Oh for the good old days.

I met Paul in the motor factors a few years later. How are you getting on ? Did you give up the taxi? I haven't seen you in a while.
Well its like this Paul, theres more than one garage in Dublin.
He turned scarlet and walked out.

The guy in the motor factors nodded when I told him what it was all about.
He won't be the first or last to be bitten by this Celtic tiger.

So this time tomorrow I will be heading out for the Balsket islands..Next parish...New York


  1. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Why were yo in prison? Is there something more to this?

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM

    You guys seem to be idiots or self aggrandizing muppets to be refering to black people in sysnonymous with bush or monkey. I find it an act of ignorance or blatant racism.
    Maybe if you are made accountable for the sins of your fathers and forefathers, you will understand better.