Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After the ball was over

2 Guys from Brazil advertising a special offer in Clontarf.

A head shop selling drugs which give you legal highs..I cannot buy asprin a perfectly safe drug, manufactured under the strictest conditions without a perscriptioin..yet they were selling drugs with labels which said "Not for human consumpion". Well they are closed now. The lease stated that it was a flower shop
, they broke the lease.

Novelty pants, kiss my ass in irish!

Leepracuns begarra.

St Patrick's day was fantastic, I didn't get to see the parade, but the weather could not have been better. There is a saying about March weather. "If March weather comes in like a lamb, then it will go out like a lion and vica verca".So there be storms a comin.
I was knackered after the Scotland match and what a night the Scots had !
Still the better side one on the day and a few changes could have swung the game,
I got a run to Skerries in north county Dublin with a tired Scotsman in the early morning €63...Just give me €60 I said...Here ya are matey handing me €70. I have always found the Scottish people very generous. Perhaps the mean Scot jokes were made up by the same guy who speaks about the stupid Kerryman.....Theres not many of them either.

The strike came and went, for myself I would not work,plenty of taxis did work though. I support it up to withdrawal of labour.
But blocking O'Connell St. or the M50 harms our cause.
I would like to see the provision of taxis to take people to hospitals, imagine having cancer and being told that you won't be brought to hospital..On 2 previous strikes I ferried patients to hospital free, told them to give the money to charity.
This kind of action does far more to help the cause than telling them that its tough, but we are on strike so you will have to walk.

Still the "Not an inch" mentality continues with the taxi regulator.
She must be an Orangeman...."Not an inch"

Where will it all end, more taxis per head of population than anywhere in the world and no one cares.

I was asked to go to Ikea.
Wow that is some place, it was like walking from the Spire to Terenure college.
It was only when someone beside me panicked and cried "Get me out of here" Then a pimply youth came over and showed us where the cut away passage was.
Then there I was at the exit after wasting 2 hours without the storage baskets that I had come for. But 10 minutes on their computer, saw me marching to Isle 27 location 16..
Never again.

Women love it though,

Funny thing I was in Woodies the DIY store looking for wall lamps.
As I was going out a well dressed lady walked out past the till and walked off with all her goods in her arms, nothing paid for! I went back in and told the manager, but he couldn't find the security man..."We will look at the security camera" said he...Could do a lot better me thinks.
Any time I go into Brown Thomas on Grafton St. the security walk so close to me that they nearly step on my heels. So I just turn around and buy the goods somewhere else. Shoplifters are well dressed people..People with loads of money often don't bother dressing up too well.
Today was a disaster work wise, I had to shop in Aldi but on the way I met a Blonde lady heading off to Brussels for the day, back tomorrow! She works for a waste management company, hazardous waste ...and business is booming.
So I popped into the Flyers Cafe where the drivers wait to collect their next fare.
I met Gerry there,he is Austrian, lived here for years. He looked a shadow of his former self, in fact I would reckon he has lost around 6 stone !
What happened? He fell off the work top in the kitchen and crushed his sternum (breastbone) banged his head and his heart stopped...later he went into renal failure!(kidney failure)
He has spent 6 months in hospital and he is having a lot of problems walking. He had to have his car adapted to drive with hand controls...Sweet Mother that's problems.

As a taxi driver you have 2 choices work or starve.

Get well soon mate.

I don't often venture out but David Norris that expert on James Joyce and great scholar was giving a talk. It was a fundraiser to bring children from Palestine to Ireland for a holiday. look here for information.
These children have never had a holiday and live lives in constant danger and fear.
Every child deserves a childhood.

He is a great wit and explains how the humblest of Dublin people can "correct" you and cut the legs from under your argument..I will go to some more of his talks, though he is retired now.

Still I bet you do not expect this ending to this video!

Blondes really are clever!
No I really mean that.
Except for MissSouth Carolina.

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