Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Strike day 2

Well it back to the future with regard to protesting.
This time the Irish Taxi Council mean business.

The Irish Taxi Council

Email: info@irishtaxicouncil.org

Ph: 087 1471818

Press Bulliten for immediate Release


The Irish Taxi Councils protest has now expanded to include the the withdrawal of taxi services from Dublin Airport,Dublin city ranks, Cork airport, services in Tralee,Killarney Waterford and most large towns and cities across Ireland.

The protest will end when the 2 ITC members who are peacefully protesting at the regulators office in Dublin are allowed to use a toilet, get some food and come off a forced hunger strike.

The drivers have not eaten or taken fluids or been allowed to use the bathroom for the last 19 hours

Tomorrow there will be a meeting at noon in the Exhibition center beside the Coachmans Inn at the airport...So set your sat navs and come over.

All in all a tipping point has been reached.
Putting up the PSV licence fee from e4 for 10 years to e250 for 3 years and then raising the renewal cost of the plate to e1,000 per year.
Then bringing the max. age of vehicle run in time forward leaves many with nowhere to go.

Look if I bought a S class Merc with 20,000 miles on the clock(ex Archbishops car)..All the bells and whistles Air con etc. wouldn't it be better than a 3 year old City Cab which has been going 24/7 since new.If the car is inspected and declared sound AGE should not come into the equasion.


  1. Anonymous1:55 PM

    i am driving taxis for the last 25 years and the people that are makeing up all these new rules and regulations dont have a clue what is going on in the real world they hide away in the background and put certain people in the front line to take all the stick [ie doyle and dempsey]and they dont know what is like to work 70 hours a week just to make ends meet.

  2. The only qualifiacation that Kathleen Doyle seems to have is that she was sitting at the desk as thew other guy left.
    Plus she has a hard neck.
    Its the frustration of not getting through...well Kathleen I for one wrote to you about your 8,000% rise in the PSV licence fee. Did you not read it?

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Blocking O Connol St in Dublin yesterday does not help your cause. i saw taxi drivers trying to block the luas. If your issue is with the regulator than protest there and block that st.What went on on O connol st was a disgrace.

    I fully agree that the taxi industry is in a dire situation for those employed but targeting people who need to get home to familys at the end of a hard days work by stoppin g buses is not the answer.

    I heard nothing but contemp for the drivers yesterday due to this.

  4. I do not wish to hinder my customers in any way but the sense of frustration we have with the present situation in really bad. It seems like the people in charge do not want to act and take control.
    Drivers who do not speak English or know where the towns of Dublin are never mind the streets.
    What would you think if a taxi crashed coming from town and one your family was injured.?
    The driver ran away and it turned outthe taxi was rented out and the owner dosen't know who was driving it when the accident happened.
    Hundreds of people are working on forged doccuments and nothing is being done about it.

  5. Anonymous4:34 PM

    It is an absolute disgrace the way you people can hold this country to ransom.
    The Guards must do their duty and arrest those whom park illegally and hold up the rest of us who are trying to earn a living!
    You cannot stop part-time workers from entering the trade.
    You cannot charge what you want.
    You cannot continue to allow rust buckets and filthy drivers to pick up passengers.
    You cannot expect us to go back to the 80s where we ,the customer had to stand for hours in the freezing cold,to be allowed the privilege of paying you to get us to our destination.
    You cannot continue to park illegaly when waiting to get into a rank.
    You cannot continue to disrupt an already frustrated customer.
    Of course you can,you are, and will continue to do so.
    And as long as you do,I for one,will not be having the pleasure of your moaning,dirty, rust buckets on my journey.
    When you finally realize ,that we ,your customers are not stupid enough to believe you only make a fiver or a tenner a night and yet can somehow manage to pay for diesel/petrol,tax insurance etc!The mind boggles!
    Why would anyone do that,when they could get a job in mcdonalds for example and earn possibly ten euro an HOUR.
    How many of you have left the job?
    How many are still going into this job?
    You lot need to have a decent car,like in spain or cyprus where all the cars are easily identifiable and clean.
    You need to realize that this is a market and therefore there is competition.Grow up ,or get out.
    You are the victims of your own success!