Friday, March 19, 2010

Behans Dublin

The newest Kid on the block opened this week. The Grand Canal Theatre.
The Bolshoi Ballet are leading the charge of what I hope will be good entertainment in its state of the art 2,000 seat venue.

Brendan Behans Dublin.
I have been trying to get a copy of this video for ages.
Here is part 3, if you go on to you tube you can get parts one and two..The actual film is much longer. Pity Brendan didn't give up the drink. The ruination of meanies the man and woman.
The commentary on this movie is Ray McNally. He was great as the Bull McCabe in the Abby theater.

So here we are a rugby weekend, this time hosting Scotland.
Trouble lies ahead as there is another mass meeting at the Coachman's pub on Saturday to discuss the looming strike on Monday.
How do you get a government to listen?

Think of BA going on strike, Willie Walsh the chairman of BA nearly hated as much as Kathleen Doyle the taxi regulator.

And why? Because neither of them listen so thousands of people will miss hospital appointments and exams because of the lack of taxis.
As for BA they have already lost millions when people changed their travel arrangements.
No driver can afford to take the time off, but our backs are right to the wall.
Just a little common sense would have prevented the mess which will happen on Monday.

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