Monday, March 01, 2010

St.Davids Day

I will always show a client the gates of Hearlic house..(You will find it in Hearlic Downs)A work of art me thinks.

This is my tax advisor Ken Dodd in the white suit.
He explains the difference between a Colt 45 and a P 45.Not much!

Snow on the Welsh hills.
Happy St.David's day for the 1st of March. Patron saint of the Welsh, see.

Did I tell you I came back from Blackpool by boat and car with Fred Corvenio who's family have been in Circus for over 700 years? Well that is as far as they have been able to go back.
Now that trip was much better than flying. No one asked to take away my water, or look into my shoes either.

Well Friday night was not hectic but Saturday was better. Beating the English at anything is a great plus, but doing it at rugby on their own country is even better.

I am a strange person when it comes to sport, I don't follow any sport. I used to follow horse racing until I found out how crooked a sport it was. I think of the lads playing football, with so much energy wouldn't they be better off cleaning windows or working in the fields.
So I hear that it is 2 weeks to the Cheltinham festival of racing...

Many Irish head off for the festival where they win,loose and spend small fortunes. One guy used to close his business and fly his staff to England every year. This was their Christmas treat, a great bonding exercise. But a few years ago there was a foot and mouth epidemic in England and livestock could not be moved so the Cheltinham festival was canceled.
So the boss of the company rang up the hotel where they had always stayed and asked for his deposit back. The manager told him that his deposit would not be refunded. The guy in Dublin tried make him to change his mind, to no avail. "Right so I will be sending over someone else to represent us"
What the manager didn't know was that the business man had a brother who was a priest in and inner city parish near Cheltinham.. He asked his brother who was a priest to round up 8 of the dirtiest winos he could find and bring them in a minibus to the hotel. The manager nearly had a heart atttack when he saw his guests and offered a full refund and a token from the hotel to compensate for his "mistake.

So the priest rang his brother back in Dublin. "What will I do with the money?"
"Bring them people off to get a good meal and give the rest to the poor of the parish"

He seems like a nice kind of a guy I wonder if they found a better hotel?, I am sure they did.

Like many stories I don't know if it was true I heard it on radio Merseyside, so it MUST be true. But there wouldn't be many good tales if they all had to be true.

I got an invitation to a wedding on Saturday. Judy one of my Chinese friends is tying the knot. Now this should be an interesting occasion..They have 3 priests lined up to tie the knot.
Yes I think I will go.

Michael Bubley tickets went on sale on Friday and sold out in 8 Min's something like 50,000 tickets...So the Aviva(Landsdowne Rd) stadium has got to be finished soon.
While I was having a nightcap the guy beside me in the pub told me that he would be arranging all the transport for the Michael Buble European tour!. He was flying over to London to arrange it all..We can all dream.

He is like a young Frank Sinatra, great timing and a great voice.

Seems like good fun was had by all in the making that video.

Story of my life
"I just haven't met you yet"

I have a theory about women who sit in the front seat.
Most girls sit in the back left seat, out of view from the rear view mirror, except. Australians, then Teachers, Doctors, Nurses and Phisios..The girl haughed out loud "I am a psychologist" She said.So we got on fine.
I had a Russian girl in the car going to the Russian embassy she was a baby doctor (Can't spell that Phedo word)She was getting her passport and her sons passport renewed.I was shocked when she told me that she was not working, such a waste of talent to have a well qualified person not working. She told me that her husband was teaching at a university and she thought that she could not get a work visa.
If you are reading this! Go for it girl we need good doctors.
Katie Melulas father is a Russian doctor working in Belfast.
She has agreat voice.

Just when I am on the subject of Katie Melula,I picked up a young girl with a really nice perm who had this old(er)guy with her. He wanted to buy cigarettes and while he was in the petrol station in Booterstown I had a conversation with the girl. The girl I reckoned would have been way out of her partners league and mine added together, but I later found out that she was Katie Melula and the guy was her manager.
He was in some famous group once.

Every taxi driver will tell you.
In a taxi,fame is nothing.

Its destinations we want, nothing more.
Manys the mile were done with Katie on the CD player.

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