Friday, March 05, 2010

Stuck under the bridge.

He couldn't get under the bridge and had to turn around.

A prison van heads for the courts.

Into the port, didn't know I was going so fast.

'Saturday night and I ant got no money"or so the song goes.
Well I am taking the night off, tired of working I have a wedding and a trip to the airport tomorrow.

Well all you lucky boys and girls have the Oscars to look forward to.
I had a guy in the car a few weeks ago said he was off to Hollywood, said he was an actor by the name of McCain without the i, so maybe he is McKane, or perhaps McCane. We had reached his stop by then. He said he would be on stage with Colin Farrell at the awards which were on when I was in Blackpool.
I cannot embed this so here is the link, the funniest acceptance speech of all time.
You know the Internet is killing TV. Instant access to news views and current topics.
Bookshops are hitting the wall now, I was in a bookstore who were selling 3 novels for e6 and a host of other books for e5 marked down from e20
I feel at present like I should "Go Walkabout" I am sick of the doom and gloom.

If you start work when you feel you are beaten, you ARE beaten before you begin.
Perhaps from tomorrow I should throw myself into life like Roberto.

The painting is coming on nicely, I should have all my work done in 2 weeks. The leak which caused the floor to swell has been fixed, the floor is back down, with the lino, so next week the hole in the ceiling has to be fixed. Never a dull moment eh !
This year The St.Patricks festival looks like it will be a good is the website.
There are loads of visitors around and the weather has really picked up.
Remember boys and girls One side of Meririon Sq. will be closed off for the duration.For the funfair....And you won't be told until the traffic is gridlocked.

Had a run to Wheatfield prison this morning..I really don't have any real problems.

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