Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring turns the clocks

Dolphin Hotel now a courthouse

"Talking heads"

Game birds personalised Nr Plate too

Remember the MiniMoke?

Changing the sign on the Westbury, the new one has LEDs so the bulbs can't blow

Today I was listening to the radio(as you do) and I heard the case of a young guy who has been on death row in Georgia for a long while.
Makes you think that your freedom and your health is all you have in this life and we take these things so much for granted all the time.
There was a lady at Judys wedding who spent 23 years in a Chinese prison because she was a Christian, the lady who told me this said that the woman is a living Saint. Prison here is a holiday camp compared to prison in China.

Looking through the blogs on the right hand side I was take by the Las Vegas blog, 2 good posts right there for sure.

Bloomfield Avenue (2 streets with the same name in Dublin) this one in the leafy subburbs of Donnybrook looks like a great spot to live in.
Recently beautiful appartmrnts have been built there.
Well a lady hailed me from there going to Eirne St. to collect back rests! So not being backwards about coming forwards I suggested that I should wait for her and bring her back again..You see when you engage a taxi the meter hits €4.10 so it was less expensive to hold on to me..So she told me that she was one of the victims of the Hep.C dissaster..Contaminated blood eas given to people and the people in charge knew that chances were that the blood was infected..In France the people in charge of the blood transfusion service went to jail..In Ireland they got a pay rise and a good fat pension. Not even a slap on the wrist.
She has been having trouble with the builder plumbing not right..So in the end she called in a master plumber to put things right. Missing valves and vents Pressure monitors put in the wrong way. Its all fixed now, but the property management team are a bunch of crooks...crooks appointed by the builder.
So the people who live there are between a rock and a hard place.

However a while ago a guy brought out a book explaining your rights and he also told how the tennants could sack the management company, I don't live in an appartment myself so I don't know any more about the book, it sounds like a must read for anyone who does.

Talking about radio I boughr an internet radio(iradio).For example the UK has 1,163 radio stations. Radio from any country in the world at a flick of a switch, who would have thought it? I had been listening to a radio station on the computer VOB fm voice of Barbados. Now I can head to any country in the world and pop straight to the station,
Driving a taxi in Dublin is like touring the world, but the world comes to you. You might not think it but I do like people, not the stupid or the drunk ones, but I like the rest. Now I can hop to Norway or Australia or even Vanatu and hear what kind of music they listen to. Pepoles lives follow many paths, there is a lot of knowledge to be gained from talking to your passingers, thats a dead cert.

I had Ronan Keatings wife in the car last week, a very sensable and fashonable lady she was. When you become really famous you need a partner who will anchor you..I knew I recognised her,but I was not sure so I said nothing, then I Googled her when I came home and there she was as large as life.

I don't know if I could handle fame. Sometimes someone might say "Are you the asshole that writes that stupid dublin taxi blog?"
Now that might lead to him becoming a pedestrian!

I don't know whats up with other taxi drivers,The accessory shop is selling a LED display which will carry a message of your choice. "For hire" or "A.port €5"
The for hire sign that I have pays for itself every few weeks. You only have to buy something like that once. Radio hire is a weekly affair.

When I was but just a lad Dave Allen was funny and he still is.
Thanks to you tube he lives on.
The odd thing about Dave Allen is that he died on the same day as Pope John Paul.

Tonight the clocks spring forward one hour.

British Summer time

A few years ago on a Sunday morning I pulledf up outside the Conrad Hilton hotel then a lady in a jeep pulled up and asked me for directions to Baggott St.
At the same time the concierge blew his whistle for me to come over. I gave the woman directions and the whistle blew a few more times...When I came over the guest just said Airport! in a disgruntled voice..
Things did nor appear to be going well between them, so I asked them if they would like to see some 1920s cars which were being used in a film shoot on Fitzwilliam Sq. As we approached it the "Lady" said.. "Driver do you think we are stupid? Drivin round th auses you is" Well I explained that this was directly on their route and I was not willing to drive down one way streets even for them.
So I turned on the radio and let them argue away.

When we arrived at the airport I said to the man,

"Hope you left enough time for your flight?

This change on the clocks has messed up my day."

"Whaz ya takin abad?"he said

"The clocks went forward an hour last night"

His face said it all.


I think of them every year at this time.


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