Friday, May 06, 2011

6 more days

Not respectful at all, the caption reads, Liz Hurley

Just off the terrace of houses on Kerwin St there is a cluster of small houses Kerwin St Cottages.

Photo from inside St Jamses gate.

This fantastic house, owned by the religious it was burned out a few years ago, when restored it will be worth a fortune. Its on the junction of Egleton Rd and Clonskeigh Rd.

Well it is no time at all until the Royal visit.
10,000 Garda and the might of the Irish army will swing into action to protect the Royals. They arrive on the 17th and every manhole cover in town has been lifted, inspected, closed again and sealed shut. It has cost a lot of money to do what has been done so far. Over the coming days Dublin everything will come to a complete halt while the Royal party go around shaking hands with the invited few.
The eyes of the world will be on us. I hope that the hotheads will cool down as I believe that hundreds of potential trouble makers are being monitored and will be lifted and locked up if there is a need to do so.
The press of the world will be here so I don't want to see people throwing smoke bombs or chanting. We may not NEED the British but we need their jobs and we DO need their money for sure. My oldest boy is in London and millions of Irish had to go to Britain in the "Bad old days".
Most of us got on well and came home with a few bob in our back pockets.
So we do owe Britain the courtesy to behave ourselves towards them.
It is time to put the past behind us.

Both sides have the blood of innocent people on their hands.

I for one will be in hibernation for the visit of Mr.Obama and Lizzie Windsor.

Today I picked up an old customer. "Collect me at 8.45, I'm going to Heuston station."
Then the departure time will move forwards an backwards a good many times, then you are outside his house. He comes to the car 5 times, "Sorry for the delay" etc.
So we were off 20 minutes after the final agreed time, down the road. "Stop, go back I have forgotten my glasses" So I couldn't go back I pulled up on the footpath and made him run back.
Poor guy he has a good job and he is way out of his depth for sure. It really can't be easy for him...But he is a real nut case!

I have him again tomorrow.!

You can't hold back nature.

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  1. I find your conciliatory tone to be quite positive :-)