Sunday, May 01, 2011

Magic moment

I love magic, and this week there was a magic convention on, but I had to work.
Illusion and reality clashed.
A number of years ago I was rehersing a magic trick in my taxi.(at the lights). My passinger stopped talking on his mobile phone and asked me what I was doing. So I told him it is the Elmsley count so he wanted to see it all.

then you combine it with this effect, so he see the backs of "all" the cards. and his chosen card has a red back ! etc..

He was flabbergasted and we spoke about the feeling that good magic sturs within ourselves. It was £15 to the airport(old money) and he gave me £20, then he said that he would like to give me some more if Sterling was OK?.
He gave me £80 STERLING.
He was from Bristol and the Bristol day of magic is coming up soon.

Support magic, its a dissapearing art.

Think of the posative, you might just be a fucking taxi driver or a checkout operator to some people.
Its not where you are now, its where you are going to that counts.

Mary Byrn says that low self esteem stopped her all through her life.

Don't let it stop you !


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  2. Hey John
    Love your post today, very uplifting

  3. Hi Richie, you are "Richie Rich"on my phone, so don't let me down.
    One website for good posative talks is Take time to listen to it, its an education.

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