Friday, May 06, 2011

Red letter day

It was on this day in 1882 that the murders took place.I visited the spot today and this cross has been spruced up and one simple flower on the cross. a few years ago there were 2 small wooden crosses and 2 small posies of flowers on the spot. This day when I had a look a guy approached me and asked me what my interest in it was.
You should read the book, he had read it as well.

The resadece of the American ambasidor

The Papal cross erected in memory of the visit of Pope John Paul

70 this month, a swell birthday party is planned proceeds are going to Fr.McVerry who helps drug addicted boys. A hell of a great man.

Just a quick note to say that the banners welcoming the Queen and the USA President have been taken down. I would reckon that the wind has become very strong and they must have been flapping like hell, the noise and the danger of them ripping would give good reason to take them down, I would say they will be back up.

Just an update on the banners, they were put up without planning permission and staff at the hotel had been abused by ner do well people,they may not go back up.
I hope the trip goes well.

One great day for work today.

Hip Hip !!!

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