Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What a differance a day makes.

These posters are at the Gibson Hotel 40 ft high.

There is a big treasure hunt here in Dublin at present.
Every manhole cover is lifted,inspected,marked and replaced. Every cover on poles, traffic lights, every building scanned for the "Royal" visitors.

I do hope it all goes well, the eyes of the world will be watching us.

So Osama BinLaden is gone!
Now we will have to find someone else to blame.
The worlds number one most wanted is now an Irishman James J Bolger, believed to be in Ireland

Just an example of how things can go wrong happened here some time ago.
There was a big international hostage situation a few years ago. As part of the negotiations one of the leaders El Magraddy or something like that was sent here to Dublin. The boys in blue put him under 24 hour surveillance.
The poor old sod did not like Dublin very much and was like a vagrant going around the place.
Then one day the special branch got a phone call from the Israeli secret service, "I am ringing about the terrorist leader Magraddy" said the guy from Mossad.
"You don't have to worry about him we have him on constant watch" said the Garda.
"That is as may be but our agents have him under watch in Madrid"

Well I hope the visits go well,I will make a point of being out of town for the occasion.
Someone took away my rubbish a few weeks ago!
Big brother is watching me!

I had been promoting the fooksbarn theater over the last few weeks.
I went down to where they were at the 02 and nothing was happening. I tried to book tickets ...Nothing.

They have gone bust and they are stuck !

Shit happens and this is bad. They are a UK operation and are now completely fu***d.
Very sad that, I wonder what went wrong.
Just looked today and they have moved away.
Another victim of the demise of the Celtic Tiger.

I had a doctor in the car who was giving evidence at the redress commission. This is the clerical abuse scandal which has been going on for around 10 years.
He spoke about the pain of the victims and how the reports which he dictates cannot be given to a young person to be typed up, they would break down if they knew just what went on.They are typed up by a hardned secretary who is retired. The utter betrayel of the victims. He hoped there would be a hell for the bad priests.
He also had a few bad words to say about rogue Garda who beat up young guys in the station."Worst of all is how they corrupt the young people coming in. Young people who would have had a high regard for the law."
You could see he was a champion of the victim, he advised me to be careful when you are stopped by the police, you never know what might happen.

A French girl remembered me. "Imagine that the same taxi driver twice?"
I suppose that is a rare enough thing.
She is missing France as well,the wonderful food and the warm weather.

Talking about France, did you hear about this brand new plane that crashed?I had a pilot in the car and he confermed that it was a thing that really happened, I suppose thay will have to put an extra €1 on every ticket to cover the loss.

There is a new play on this month about taxis, a comedy it looks good click here

Getting of the subject of taxis for a second, have a look at this.

I suppose he makes a living preforming for Red Bull.Or perhaps he is sponsored by Elastoplast.


  1. NY Viewer1:24 PM

    I've heard that the banners have been taken down?
    Perhaps the Irish welcome is not as warm as believed.

  2. Well the Players lounge put up a banner poster to say that the Queen was not welcome there. He was promptly raided and then took down the banner.
    It is doubtful if he will get many late night extensions for the near future.
    But I will check to see if these banners that I put on the blog have been taken down.
    Watch this space ! OK?

  3. Yes NY viewer, you are right!
    The banners are down. But I would say that we are having very high winds here at present, so I would say it is a safety issue more than anything else.