Friday, May 13, 2011

What have the British ever done for us?

Just substatute the word "Roman"for "British"

What is taking place here in Dublin is incredable. The entire city seems to be shutting down.
Streets have been shut off since Saturday. The Queen will not be here until Tuesady.
10,000 Garda and army will be on duty and €35 million will be spent on security!
The British did plenty of bad things to us and we as sure as hell did plenty of bad things to them. It is well past time we drew a line in the sand and stood back from it all.
Imagine killing people without mercy,people going about their business innocent childrenh
One other sad part is that In the Bermingham bombings many were Irish.

So on Tuesday we can open a new page in our history.

The other day I had a botanest in the car, she had just tp:// come back from America where she was studying geese. Nature is all around us and the swallows are around us in great numbers now. Then barnicle geese who have been around all winter long have gone back to Greenland to nest and fly back to us again next winter. I found a Red Admirel buterfly in my garden many weeks ago. They fly from the Med to spend the summer with us. Nature is great.

So I just make this quick posting to wish you all well.
I also hope that the Queen has a safe trip and I look forward to hearing her speeches.

When I went to see the Bueena Vista social club last year a lot of the people were from this group. Look at the old girl on the right side of the stage, she must be 20 years older than me,look at her energy.
Something to brighten up your day.

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  1. Both videos brightened my day. Love the Monty Python bit probably because I'm a history major.