Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Winter is over

Windmills at Dublin port

Stag party arrives

The convention center "The tube in the cube"

Dublin decaying.

Well well today was another busy day. It should have been my day off,perhaps I will finish early tomorrow.
One of the big sources of our present business is the communications convention which is going on in our conference center.This convention used to be held in Nice (S.France)but their convention center is being renovated so they have come to Dublin. They have brought millions of euro with them, taxis hotels and restaurants all have been given a good lift. My customer told me that he used to fly his clients from Nice to Monaco, there they would have a banquet and then they would be given vouchers to go to the Casino. "Wonderful fun" (There's no such thing as a free meal me thinks)
So I met Israelis,Finish,Turkish,Danish,Italian,Canadian,Russian,Malaysian(Living in Malta)Chilean,Texan, Washington and I forget the rest!

But it has been a really good few days.Tomorrow there will be a rush for the airport.
I also believe that a lot of the illegal taxis are off the road,at least I hope they are.

Well I will run this past you as an example of what can happen.
I got a run from Haddington Rd to the GPO. Heading down Pierce St all traffic must go right with the exception of Buses Taxis etc. If you go around to Westmorland St to O'Connell St it is 2 or 3 sets of traffic lights shorter.
Then it started "Where ARE YOU GOING?" Absolutely no reasoning would convince her.
So even though she could now see O'Connell St ahead she still was simmering when we crossed the bridge. "Let me out here you have taken me far enough out of my way" It was 7.40 and she had slammed 7 on the arm rest. "That's all you're getting"
And off she went.
I got another fare within 2 minutes anyhow,so I cooled off.
There was a girl in the taxi once who told me about a book called "The secret" There is a lot to it. But people who are angry and nasty attract misfortune upon themselves.
Inside myself I wanted to lock the door and call over a Garda, then I would explain that just like everywhere else she should pay in full and make any complaint to the taxi regulator. But then I am not the person who would cause all this aggression for the sake of 40c. Things must be really bad for the folks in North Carolina when bad manners can be bought for so little.

Just one other thought from another taxi driver blog.

A truck cuts off a taxi and blows his horn and the truck driver curses the taxi driver and goes on. The taxi driver waves and smiles at the truck driver.
The passenger says. "Man he cut you off so bad and you just wave at him and smile?"
The taxi driver just says. "He's a garbage collector, he's not going to dump on me."
"I don't understand" says the passenger.
"Look at the way he's driving? People are shouting and blowing their horns at him all day. His anger is just building up like garbage in a dump truck and he is looking to dump all that anger on to someone else" says the taxi driver "So I don't take it and I am still happy and he is still angry "
I think there is a lesson there for us all.

Anyhow the job is not complete until you tip. Its like forgetting to wipe your backside after a crap. Well that's how I see it.

Have a great life, and may your God go with you.

So I will leave you with Bono and beautiful Dublin yet again

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