Friday, March 28, 2014

Daffodil Day

                   Now here is something you don't see every day

                             Beautiful flowers from the Westbury hotel
                                   The fantastic tree around the corner from my house

Today is the day when daffodils are sold on every street corner of Dublin. The funds collected go for the fight against cancer. It is a big killer all over the world. Cancer is an awful curse, rich, poor, young and old can be taken. Research is your only hope so buy a daffodil. .
Lets hope they have a cure if it ever comes to your home.

This weekend they put the clocks forward (Spring forward and Fall back)

A few years ago I pulled up at the Conrad Hilton hotel.
No taxis were waiting.
A lady pulled in and asked for directions to Baggott St.. As I was directing her the concierge started blowing his whistle sharply. I started up the car and pulled over to the door.
The doors opened up and 2 English people jumped in while the concierge threw the suitcase into the boot."AIRPORT" was the command (No please or thank you)
I headed off towards Fitzwilliam Square and I told them that they were making a film there with 1920s buses and cars. The woman leaned forward and said. "Driver you're driving us round the bleedn ouses were not fecking stupid you know"


Today I would stop and tell them to get out.
I just said that the only way of getting to this spot was to go down two one way streets the wrong way.
So I gritted my teeth and turned on the radio low.
There was a noise coming from them, they were growling at each other!
The sound was like a cement mixer full of dry gravel.

Arriving at the airport I opened the door with the change ready in my hand.
"I hope you left enough time for your flight I said"
"Corse I have you fucking moron!" he said
"Because the change in the hour fucked up my day"
"Wat you talkin about?" he said.
"The clocks! They went forward an hour last night !  Its Summer time"


But I hadn't the heart to say. Who's the moron now.

They say "What goes round comes round"

I think about them this time every year and I wonder what scam they were up to.

So boys and girls remember it will be mothers day on Sunday next.

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