Saturday, March 08, 2014

They've done it again !

Our glorious leaders are having a European summit meeting at the conference center.
So they shut off the Quays from the Custom House Quay right up to the O2 including all the bridges.crossing the river..
Even though I had listened to several news bulletins I didn't know what the hold up was.
But I was not the only person who was ignorant of my situation.. But I managed knowing that even if the traffic stops that the meter will keep on running.
One guy I had in the car once told me that he lived close to the United Nations building in New York. When they meet there is total "Lockdown" for miles around.

 Press A to speak or B to get your money back
 If you want to celebrate make a Champagne fountain
 3D printer at work
 We will win today.
look who we have in goal !
So today our mission is to beat the Italians at rugby.
So I wish the boys in Green the best of luck.

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