Monday, March 24, 2014

Helicopter crash

          Following the Irish rugby team
               Firemen at work
     If you hate gardening you might like to live in a private gated development everything catered for.

Today the Rt, Hon. Edward Haughey Baron of Ballydesmond  was laid to rest.
The richest man in Northern Ireland.
He died in a helicopter crash..
He was in dispute with the people who serviced it.
He had threatened to bring them to court.
You would assume that if you had a faulty helicopter you would rent another until you were happy.
Very sad,I hope his empire can keep running on without him. Many jobs depended on him.
I read in the paper that he built up his entire empire by himself, going around knocking on doors.

He first came to my attention a few years ago when I saw a brightly colored Lamborghini running around the streets of Dublin.
A customer told me it was Haugheys son...The car had been a 21st birthday present.
He gave his daughter an Aston Martin on her 21st birthday.
It made me think of their safety for sure..


I am still running around to renew my taxi license.
The car failed the car test for 2 reasons.
1 the front drivers light bulb was in crooked.
2 They said that the numbers on the number plate were too small
The bulb I had to get help with and Google helped me to verify that the numbers should be 7cm tall.
Which they are.
Now I have to find a retest.

Down in the port the Stenna line ferry had a problem and couldn't let off its load.
Just stuck there and no one knows when they will get off.

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