Monday, March 31, 2014

Rory O'Neill

Today I got a run into Parnell Sq. this morning with a guy who who works for a gay rights movement.
Rory O'Neill and Pantigate was spoken about. For people outside Ireland he spoke on a debate on television and called  some people homophobes and they didn't like it.
So they sued the TV station and they paid them off without debating the point.
Have a look here

Later Rory came on to the stage of the Abbey theatre after a play about the 1913 lock out and gave this speech.

We will be having a referendum on gay marriage soon, I wonder how that will come along.
Will it be like modern Ireland , open and forward looking or like the Ancient Order Of Hibernians attitude who forbade the gays a place in the New York parade.

You might never be picked out by the bullies. If you are Black, Jewish, Gay or just different it might well happen to you or your children.

Some advertisements are worth seeing again.

And yet another one

OK The last one.

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