Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Saint Patricks Day is coming.

It is coming fast this year.CLICK HERE TO GO TO OFFICIAL WEB SITE

Did you notice large groups of American students going around?
This coming Monday next week they will be strutting their stuff along O'Connell St and beyond.
The Irish go everywhere and once a year thousands of Irish decedents come home.

A few years ago in NY there was a big inclusion of gay rights into St.Patricks day.

To get you in the mood.

By the way get here early as the airport workers plan to strike !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a bad photo of 2 rings, but one is worth €2,000 more than the other?
Boodles Jewellers and Weirs of Grafton St.were conned by 2 people dressed in Arab garb.
Slight of hand con men they were called..
They asked to see several trays of rings, tried on a few and then left the shop.
But they substituted fake rings for the real ones.
Later in that day they noticed that some of the rings had lost their sparkle.
Then they spotted the fake ones.

Just goes to show you how good the stuff from Argos is.
Still if they did that in Saudi Arabia they would have their hands cut off.

Cheltinham race week has started and all the sporting Irish are away.

It's not call the sport of kings for nothing.

Arkle V the mighty Millhouse

Enjoy the day the weather is great

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