Sunday, March 23, 2014

How was it for you ?

Once more the parade is over. This year in wonderful sunshine.
It surprised me just how many people it brought over.
One poor unfortunate guy from Brazil  was beaten up by two young thugs while one of their girlfriends filmed it. It went up on YouTube and facebook. Hey presto they were found and brought in.
In Ireland they proceed by sending the evidence to the attorney general before proceeding with the case.
Until then they are free to go.
Those thugs are a danger to society for sure.

One deviant who kidnapped and raped 2 children who were playing in their garden got 50 years in prison
It is well past time the punishment should reflect the crime.
Though the death penalty should come back for people like him.

Thank God Spring is here.

In New York the Gay and Lesbian community were barred from the parade.
It seems like some Hibernians over there have not yet grown up.
When Guinness and Heineken  who were big sponsors of the parade heard of the ban they pulled their sponsorship. So next year they had better step up to the plate or their might be no money for the 2015 parade.
Boston has worked this out, but it seems that NY are behind the times.

In the middle of the exciting weekend we beat the French at RUGBY !

If you listened to Irish radio you would kill yourself, one bad thing after another. 
Nothing is ever solved. Lyric FM is great,  classical music all day long.
At home we have 2 internet radios which can pick up nearly every radio station  from around the world.
Some stations are blocked,sure thats life.
I found a new radio station Spirit FM  a Christian word station Halleluiah !

OK  One more time
Dublin is GREAT !!!!!!!

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