Saturday, September 15, 2007

Count your blessings.

"And the dawn came up like

thunder on the road to Mandaly" Terrific sunrise today.

Well heres the car. Thats all thats left of the money.

When we brought the special needs kids out on their outing it made me realise that compared to them I have won the lottery. Yet these kids who had a wide range of handicaps were as happy as happy can be.
They were dancing in their wheelchairs, laughing and making shapes as best they could.
We as able bodied people moan and gripe at every little thing.

Time to change lets get ourselves into a more positive frame of mind and take positive steps through the year ahead.
I have a lot to be thankful for three healthy and clever sons, a job that gives me flexable working conditions and a very varied working day.
On reading Malssa Plauts bookI understand how a vast layer of people have been created and rules have been used to keep them poor and underpaid.
We had some great trade union leadres in Jim Larkin and James Connolly. They put in place procedures where workers earned a wage under safe and fair working conditions.

In America unions were always fought by the police and the national guard. Union leaders were called Commies and Agitators and unAmerican.
The press in most places is tightly controlled by a few big corperations ,so they won't rock the boat.
Children are making the sneakers on your kids feet, is that fair?.
A worker can earn as little as $2 a day.
Is it right that factories exist where officials are not allowed to enter to inspect the workers conditions.If we were right minded people we would insist on a "Fair Trade" label on all our goods.
I am not a fan of Micheal Moore,but he has helped to show us where we are going wrong.
Another good documentary worth see is Wall Mart the high price of selling cheap.
Now there is a company with no moral values.
Some people will have big problems when St.Peter calls them up!.

Hundreds of people have died in Sudan Niger Darfur while I was writing this piece.
Thousands more will die next month because we have become complacent and the media keeps deflecting our attention away from the poverty we are creating in the third world.

Lets give a days pay to buy food and provide aid to the starving millions.

We are all multi million Euro winners just for the fact that we were born here and now.
So spread a bit of goodness around.

The car is an E type Jaguar manufactured by Bburago model no 118
Now for something different look here
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  1. I've ordered Melissa's book too. Looking forward to its arrival.