Thursday, September 20, 2007

Football / Rugby

Heineken who sponsor the world cup rugby put out this poster.
Doheny & Nesbitt pub is on Baggott St.

In the shipping forecast you hear the word "Bailey" it is a lighthouse. It is situated just off Howth.

Loads of people were up for the weekend so it was busy every day.
The Friday night Sat. night was just like Christmas as the GAA football took place in Croke park. Its a bit like the Superbowl but without the soup.
Cork and Kerry met and Cork were well beaten.
You have a few hours of frantic activity as the supporters head for the station to head to or from the match. But the traffic is so heavy for that time that you travel at a snails pace. All the people I were in good humour and one guy in perticular was so drunk that I would say his world is still spinning.
He stopped the car in O'Connell St and insisted in getting in. "Sorry lads I know its your taxi but I will pay the fair. I just have to get to the station."
He had been engaged to a girl from S.America but he had learned she was sleeping with his best mate,He passed around his phone to show us her photo.."Here she is, she is georgous and when I meet her I am going to kill her. No I won't hurt her, the bitch, but I will kill her"
When we reached Heuston station he insisted in paying and then spent 5 minutes talking to her on the phone.
Oh the pain of love, betrayal, booze and a showdown.I would say he was asleep when she arrived at the station.

On Saturday night a very lucky Polish girl got into the Taxi heading to Dundrum.
She told me of her x boyfriend who was Irish and they were engaged. One morning he confided to her that he couldn't sleep at night because he was hearing voices in his head..She was scared, but he would not get help as he had a high profile job and if his employers knew of his mental illness he would loose his job.
She did the right thing and packed her bags and left.
He has met and married another girl and they are going to have a baby soon.

I wonder what the voices are saying now! Scary stuff.

Town is thronged with people,but I went in to see how a new bar is doing here in Dublin, Floridita a Cuban themed bar just off Abbey St. in the Irish life mall and I found that the staff outnumbered the customers 3/1.Live Cuban music.
Wow I suppose it is hard to start up a new enterprise.
Still they say you never see a poor publican.

A splendid white rose in the Autumn sunshine

Saint Patrick from the hill of tara.
His statue is supposed to reside in many homes in Montserrat. They use the statue to represent an ancient Vodoo god who has the power over snakes.

The enforcers from the taxi regulators spent a few days at the airport and something like 42 taxis were put off the road. The rumour mill is rife no insurance, no PSV licence. Cloned cars were all spoken about.
When the cases come to court all will be clear.
Cloned cars is a good swindle.You buy 3 cars the same. Put the same number plate and taxi sign and copy the insurance and tax. Now you have the expense of one taxi with the earning potential of three.You just have to make sure they stay in different parts of town.
I am using this time to service my car and get things lined up for the Christmas rush, but I must get a video camera and film the fiasco that Dublin the worlds taxi capital has become.
Just row after row of taxis driving around in convoy trying to get on to taxi ranks.

I don't know where it will end.


  1. The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) numbers would all be different on the "clones". It is easily spotted when they try to install fake VINs and also the engine number would not match the VIN. Seems like the local cops need some lessons in going that "extra step" to spot frauds.

  2. Anonymous3:46 AM

    hi paradise im a driver here in dublin and everything about the cloned cars is true but here the cops dont give a toss its the taxi enforcers 9 of them for 20 thousand taxis on the whole island so its easy to get away with cloning

  3. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Yes! Finally something about Cuban.

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