Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The dalers hands

The last horse drawn transport in Dublin

The Casino in Marino

She has rings on her fingers thats for sure.
She said thats great music so I exchanged the tape for a photo of the rings.
If you drive a taxi on the Northside of this city she will not be a stranger to you.
Every day its into town to get methadone and to deal in drugs,her girlfriend is not well at present so she had to go home early.
The other day at Heuston train station I picked up a pair heading up to Rathmines after a weekend away in Galway.
She looked much the worst for wear and he didn't look much better.
The usual banter on the way up,he told me how everywhere was full so they had slept in the doorway of a bead and breakfast but the weather was great and they had a great time.
It was when we stopped at a bank that he started to talk to me.
"She has the virus but I have her back on track now"
We were married for years and then we parted years ago.
When my younger brother died from Aids I took an interest in it and read up on treatment and I work as a sort of nurse looking after sufferers, she had gone off the rails and was not taking her medication properly, she is on around 30 tablets a day, but you have to take them in a certain way. Our son came home from Wales and found her nearly dead so I came back into the picture, I have her nearly sorted now.

You know we have lit up the old spark we had years ago and we are going on out second honeymoon next week.
Our son runs a bead and breakfast in Wales and has 2 other houses he has done well for himself.

You don't have to guess,he was a tipper.

You know that when the blade of the sword passes through the fire it toughens and tempers the steel,it is often true of people too.
When kids watch their parents self-destruct they often work much harder than anyone else,though they sometimes go the same way.

This couple were taking it one day at a time,I wish them the very best for a successful outcome.

The new Europeans are manning our shops and hotels at present and I often feel a bit sad for them as they are so well educated, well yesterday I was told of another success story. A Polish girl who was working as a receptionest for a company.
A job came up in the company but she hesitated to apply for the job until her friend told her to go for it. She got the job, bigger pay and better prospects.

She broke up with her boyfriend too so she has another corner of her life turned as well.
New abode, new job and new boyfriend.
Its funny how your life can twist around in a short time.

Two of my sons have moved house this month too. One to Wales the other to Palmerstown. I wish them every success too.

Seems to be the time of year for change.

Going to take some time off for painting the outside of the house,I have a girl from Lithuania coming to do the inside,she hesitated when I showed her the outside.I think it was a bit high for her.Probably find out she holds an ology in something or other.
She will be here in 2 weeks.I hope.

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    I hope for your sake its in paintingology !