Sunday, September 23, 2007

Northsiders biggest tippers.

Clearys department store on O'Connell St

This is the Wellington monument in the Pheonix park. In memory of the duke of Wellington. Most of the Birtish monuments were blown up by the IRA. the most memorable being Nelsons Colum which stood where the Spire is now on O'Connell St.
I suppose this was too big to blow up.

The people of the North side of the city are hard working,hard drinking,chatty, witty and generous. The people on the south side are not.

Imagine picking up a fare on crowded Stephens Green hundreds of people in line and you bringing them to Stepaside. (This round trip takes you out of the action for 1 1/2 hours) The guy waits for 30c change while he tells you how to get back into town. Even though you brought him all the way there without any help.
Two young hairdressers, one going on holiday,different drop offs. e23 fare. hands me a e50,"just give me back the e20 and have a good night,its been great talking to you"

South side girls when they are alone talk on their phone and blank you out..and when they arrive. "I'm home now I'll ring you back tomorrow". Ie. I will tell my friend on the other end where I am at all times where I am and she will have you arrested if you say or do anything.(I would love to know what happened to her,or should I say what she thinks happened to her at some other time)

Well these are exceptions,but by no means rare exceptions.

Drinkers get so locked its not funny. I just read about the death of a young social worker who overdosed on booze.
Friday night I looked into the face of a girl about to get into the car in Rathmines,she was totally spaced out, her eyes rolling back in her head and her alone,I hit the gas and drove on.
No Northsider would abandon their mate in such a state.
I drove off in a flash,not my problem.
You get hard at a certain point.
Try going back to Mummys or Daddys to try and explain how her little darling tried to slash her wrists or peed or puked on your seats.
Not our Amanda "you are an evil man go away."
Oh for the day when live video footage is available.

I would sooner drive past 100 punters than pick up one homicidal maniac.

A woman in Cork died when she was abandoned by a taxi driver, the inquest said he picked up the lady of 58 at dropped her home at 6.40 where she fell into her hall. The driver carried in her shopping,she was breathing heavily, face down in the hallway. The driver goes into the neghbours house the Garda were informed at 6,50. He pulled over the patio door and leaves the front door ajar. Garda car gets the call at 7.50 and arrive at 8.05 to find her dead.
People have been saying that taxi drivers have a duty if care,not one word about how you should not drink to excess, or that the publican also has a duty of care.
The garda take 75 mins to respond!
If the taxi driver had been pulling her to her feet when her partner walked in he would have been done for sexual assault! You can't win.

The woman got in near the Northside shopping center.."Ballymun..the fucking bastard I will kill him, he threw me out of the taxi me boyfriend did, well he is out of my life for ever now. Stop up here near the Centra I want to have a "Squat" (a pee)".
Off to Ballymun with plenty of fecking and blinding! A e10 fair and e5 tip.

Hoards of people at the airport, no taxis, they had a great holiday in Bulgaria over to Ballsbridge, then they waited for a lousey c40 change even though I had brought the bags up to the door step while they got out the cash.
Do you ever wonder why service people are rude?

You give it your best shot and thats it.

I wonder do Northsiders tip when heading south? Or are southsiders nervous about not tipping heading northside?

One of the blogs in Florida was saying that a group going on a cruise were left hanging when the driver let slip over the radio that the people who just left the cab demanded 20c change and were not tippers. They were stuck out in the sticks and the cruise ship hooting its whistle,no drivers were responding to their call for a car to go back out to collect them.

Still you should count you blessings that you do mostly get paid.

Last Thursday I got a taxi home and the driver told me he had 3 runners last week he caught one and had to drive back to again Balbriggan to collect his money.
Then the next day at 3pm he picked up 2 guys going to Rathcoole and one of them held a knife to to his throat and robbed him.
The boys in blue were very good,they gave him a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit.

No photos of usual suspects etc.

I think he should buy a lucky charm.

Still most people are honest decent and generous.


The girl who worked as an "in house" seamstress in a large Dublin store.
The quality of designer labels is just not there any more.
You could put a LABEL on a potato sack and people would buy it.A good conversation followed, she had done a full apprenticeship.London,Paris,Milan and New York

Or the security guard from Albania.
Trained in the army and the police. Told me what it was like when the finances of the country collapsed and you couldn't buy a loaf of bread.
How you could built a 5 story apartment block with 20 apartments for the price of one apartment here in Dublin.
Now he works as a security guard where a guy told him he is going to "blow off his fucking head with a shotgun!" Just for stopping him robbing in the off licence where he works.

Never a dull day.

Or the guy who stopped me and brought me into a gated estate.
Use this code *****
OK drive over to this house and wait.
A big party was going on.
10 seconds later all the alarm bells in my head were ringing.
Experience told me drive away,which I did.
Thank God I had written the gate code on my hand.
The passenger would have been drunk, so drunk that the guy could not have walked him to the main road to get a car himself.
"Mr taxi man" would have been left with the problem.

Not this sucker!(or should that be with an F)

Or the German girls working for DHL with perfect American accents, hope the weekend went well, see you again?

All the Polish people who head off to work at 5.30 to man our shops and hotels.

Remember me! I will be asking you if you will give our kids a start in your businesses when they are old enough.

Yes you will be the bosses in a few years.

My week is nearly done! just tomorrow to go.


  1. I'm not defending it but rich people (Southsiders) don't get rich by 'giving away' their money in tips...

    A lot of Northsiders will have had mothers who worked for 'pin money' just to keep their heads above water. Therefore, they appreciate the value of money, and service, a lot more.

  2. isadub I know this is true.Airline pilots are the tightest as they are so used to having everything paid for them they can't even pay for a taxi to the airport,they wait for the bus.
    While the hostesses on 1/000th of their pay jump into the first taxi.
    It is a strange thing when you see it in action 20/03 times per shift.

  3. "Never a dull day"
    It's true, have been following your blog a few weeks now, enjoying it!
    Good job :-)