Friday, December 28, 2007

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Ballyfermott display.
He had to turn of the lights early as it was causing crashes,

On St Stephens day they hold a festival in Sandymount.
The Ren boys,I always miss it.

Well Christmas is over as the song goes.
For the non Christian amongst us, you know I don't mean it in a bad way,I hate all of you equally.

And the Sales have begun.

How was it for you?

It is a time for kids, thats for sure.

One last rip of the fairytale.

Guy selling t shirts at the bottom of Grafton St. Jeysus you would never believe that that Kirsty MacCall is dead and Shane McGowan is still going strong.
I'll tell you I had a great night at the concert thats all thats left of 500 T shirts I printed.
Strange thing is that if Shane McGowan was sober on stage no one would go and join in!

Now we can draw a line under it and get on with 2008.

When you go on holiday and you spend loads of time at the airport?
Why not buy a private jet and arrive in style.

Well unlike the rest of you lucky people I have been back at work. One guy from Madrid flew into Dublin to work Friday then back to Madrid to celebrate new year with his folks again. How small the world has become.

Another girl from Barcelona arrived and had to be in Starbucks in an hour,heads down we are away into the new year.

Every taxi driver will come across this, guy seems sober.Then you see him getting in.
He is not drunk he moves and talks like a zombie.
Wait me mate is coming,they are stoned on Cocaine and intoxicated that though there are 2 of them in the back seat.
I can see a hooded man with a scythe sitting between them.
Where are you going? Crumlin OK....Where will we go and the venue changes 10 times. I have to go to my gaff t get me fones flat...Then where will we go?(death sitting in the middle of the back seat is getting very excited).At last WE all pull up at the house and his mother comes out with the look on her face like a duck seeing a fox killing her offspring, helpless to stop it he walks back out past her into the taxi.
So we pick up his phone charger and the brother of one of the guys gets in as well.
Dolphins Barn and thank God the brother was going into town.

They get out,
"I'll pay.
I know what your thinking!
I don't drink or do drugs, there's that fucker of a brother killing himself.
Where did you pick them up"?
I told him.
They have been out since 9pm, at least thats what they said.
We ran into heavy traffic at Foster Place and he jumped out.
Take the e20 you deserve it.

I had gone 20 yards when there was a knock on the window.An attractive girl jumped in.
Can you get us to the passport office quickly.

Her story is that her boyfriends family are building an apartment in Venezuela and they were going to see how the building was going on. She was going too until she saw her passport was torn.
Young people have to carry their passports to gain admission to pubs and clubs so they get dog eared.
Big mistake.
So she needed a new one now today at 2.30 as she was leaving tomorrow.
There is a tear in my birth cert will they accept that?
Molesworth St. she would have walked it in 1/2 the time, but someone told her that cars could not drive down there.

Kids today.

Day before Christmas eve. Traffic report hold up on the N3 near Navan.
Christmas eve a traffic report traffic heading towards Dublin on the N3, look out for a high speed convoy heading for Dublin....a transplant team.
One passing on another gets hope.

Carry a doner card.
I had to edit a piece but here is an example of danger on the road.
There is a roadblock up ahead and the truckers all want to avoid it.

No work tomorrow.
Still have more folks to see.

Seeing as there was very little magic on this Christmas I thought you would like to see David Blane again
Here is another one

Happy 2008


  1. A Happy New Year to You as well. Here's hoping the quality of your fares improves for you. One thing I don't miss living out here is the drunks & druggies:)

  2. Happy new year John, Thanks for the text , nice surprise