Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coming closer

The lights are up in Cabra.

This is the statue of CuCullan a warrior from the legends of the Fiana.
He was wounded so the tied himself to a tree stump,no warrior would approach until a raven landed on his sholder. The Christmas are reflected in the window.
Its in the GPO (post office)well worth a look.

Last Saturday night I had one of those classic mad moments.

Man and woman at Christchurch well drunk.

Hello driver My name is Mary and this is Frank.
Say hello Frank.
Say hello to John.
You don't have to introduce yourself wherever you go, you know.

Frank Why are you are always trying to bully me and tell me what to do ?.

No not at all Mary, Driver to the bank machene at the MRCB over there.
He gets out so she starts on me.
He is a homosexual you know,you would know by the way he talks and defenately by the way he walks, Look at him
I would just wish he would admit it and stop this act.
He came back.
Mary starts to sing Why can't you admit it, or words to that effect.
Shut up !
Do you not like my voice Frank?
Yes I do,but you're annoying the driver, He has a name Look its John.
Say hello to John.
Hello Frank OK Mary where to.
I want to go to the bank link for the Bank of Ireland.
Theres one over by Guinnesss.
When she gets out he engages me in the deep meaningful conversation.
I hate that fucking place,my father worked there for 35 years and dropped dead at work. He will be 10 years dead next Thursday.
He worked like a slave and he and all his workmates died from drink.
The curse of the Irish.
Mary was back.
Straight on driver and turn right.
His name is JOHN pipes in Mary going back to song.
Would you shut up,,,,you used to say I had a lovely voice Frank.
John where are you going I told you to turn RIGHT. There is no right turn....Where are we going anyhow? Yes Frank this is not the same was that we came the last time...
Look with the one way streets you can't go back the same way..

On the way Frank stopped off for bread , milk, vodka and wine.
Leaving me with Mary again.

I must be mad to be going on a date with a queer man and him not working or anything.
I should be at home looking after my kids (there big kids)not here with this Fairy who can't admit he is gay.
OK John up to the North Circular Rd.

I want to pay for this because you have no money Frank.
You don't have a job....Thats right tell the world why don't you.
Well give him a good tip then, its Christmas.

Journeys end..Frank gets out. John, whats my name? Mary, Whats his name? Frank.
Remember where you dropped us off.
Remember this in case I turn up dead.

There was no tip but the intensity of the whole trip took its toll on me.
How could someone go off with a guy she thought was dangerous.?
Then to go home to his flat pissed as a parrot.?

Life is like a box of chocolates,,,some are nutty.

Years ago when I worked for Metro cabs I brought home The General (Martin Cahill)
He said the same thing to me and he got out and he was killed by a hit man a short while later,he knew his number was up.

You know when things go wrong you might resort to fisticuffs, but then if you did that you would know that the solicitors would win, now you don't have to be a fortune teller to see how this will work out.

Perhaps this will give you a smile. Well it won't if you are a fan of David Blaines.

I think this about hits the mark.
While we are at here is a magic show from Korea

While we are at it look at Cyril form Korea, David Copperfield mind your act.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Keep the magic coming.
    Take care of yourself and a happy Christmas to you and all your family.
    Youre a great guy.

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