Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Party time

The first of the Christmas trees!

O'Connell St,not a great photo

Well the party animals are out in style,staggering out of their "party"venues doing the same stupid things that they did last year.
1 Getting sick.
2 Getting drunk and fondling the boss on the way home.
3 Telling all who will listen about what a great guy you are.
4 Taking masses of Cocaine and going berserk!
(We have 3 people going through a life changing experience at present.1 dead 2 critical)
5 "Well you can come in for one cup of coffee."
enough said.
6 Take me home,what day is it? What do you mean Tuesday!

You could add 10 more to the list,as they say in Dublin.

"I've heard it all before Joe"

Tis the season for amature drinkers,let them at it.

Taxi drivers know that the restaurants are empty in January and cheap holidays are available then too. So work hard ,then off to Spain for 3 /4 weeks.
But don't go out in the sun....You would never get any tips with a tan in Feb..

For me Christmas is a stressful time,I would be happy to live in a Muslim country with my teddy bear called Jesus and let it all pass by.
Still I have to watch people rush to buy things for people they don't like.
They buy things they don't need. The receiver has to serve the ball back!

Its mad.
I would be just as happy to let it pass by.

Just a thought, you know how service is so bad in the bank over here?
Well on Wednesday they they don't open until 10.30, instead of 10.00.

Perhaps they should take more time to train the staff.1/2 hour is not enough.
Come to think of it.

Why are they trained on MY time?

Think of it a Polish girl, worked for the Irish tourist board,changed job.
She then gets a job with the Malaysian tourist board,she is off to Malaysia for Christmas,without her husband.
"Its work I could not bring him,unlike what your government ministers do"
One thing I did ask her.
Do many Polish people ask you for holidays in Malaysia?
Very funny.

The budget has come and gone..
A few bob on the ciggies, changes in stamp duty(a tax on property sales)
If you are taking odds there WILL be another budget.

What do you think of the story of the day.
A guy called Darwyn goes missing....
5 years later he presents himself to the police.
"I may be a missing person"
Indeed he was, and the life insurance company has paid out to his "Widow".

Holy Gamolie!!!

A photo is found of himself and his wife in Panama a year earlier!

There can be only one logical explanation.

The Martians have landed!

I saw Santa on Talbot St. yesterday, he reognized me as being one of the good boys!.
Do you remember the Santa from Arnotts ? He was the best ever.

Or the Irish traveller who had a claim for injuries received when the van in which she was a passenger crashed.
She claimed that her husband was driving at the time.
He was eating chips in town when it happened.
She had had a row with him and she was driving herself home at the time.
Then the van got burned before it could be examined.
the claim would have cost the insurance company in the region of e250,000

Why do we bother with the soaps...real life is much better.

Look boys and girls take it easy

One thing I saw was an ad for Home Breath test kits.
I bought one, great 1 pint OK 2 pints after 1 hour OK.
A friend asked me if I would sell it to him.
Which I did.
Then the problem arose ,if my son rang me at 2 am and I had had a few pints,
now he could not get a taxi.So I bought another tester.
It told me that after 6 pints of beer I was safe to drive.
I rang the company.
It would depend on how much you had to eat and how long it was until you tested yourself.......STOP.


"If you wanted an accurate tester you would have to buy the other breahalizer costing e400".
Hold on a minute!
On the box it says it is accurate to within 1/2%

This has ISO and all sorts of official figures on the box.

Well they replaced it.

The replacement read 0.00 no matter how much I had taken.

They offered to replace that one as well..

But I got all my money back/You should hold on to your money too.

Just an update on the previous posting.

Top model Katy French dies in Navan hospital

Model Katy French has died five days after collapsing at a party in Co Meath.
French had just celebrated her 24th birthday
French had just celebrated her 24th birthday Ms French (24) was taken to Our Lady's Hospital in Navan after she became ill at a friend's house in Ashbourne in the early hours of Sunday morning last.

Family and friends had been keeping a vigil at her bedside.

But a statement issued this evening by her family said she had passed away peacefully in the arms of her sister Jill and alongside her parents earlier today.

The family said they had been overwhelmed by the letters, blessings, gifts and prayers from people all over the country during Katy's time in hospital.

"It gave us strength and helped Katy so much. Although we did not get our yearned for miracle, all the expressions of love you sent her were powerfully healing in different ways," the statement said.

French celebrated her 24th birthday, along with a host of celebrity and media friends, only last Thursday in Dublin's Krystle nightspot.

Well-known for her outspoken views on issues such as abortion and cocaine use, she also came to prominence after taking part in RTÉ's recent Celebrities Go Wild programme.

Born in Switzerland, French's family moved to Ireland when she was a young girl and settled in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.

After her Leaving Certificate she had plans to study psychology but chose a career in modelling instead.

While she has been on the catwalk for years she only came to prominence after the media attention which surrounded the public break-up with her fiance, restaurateur Marcus Sweeney.


  1. Strange, we live where we have loadsa free trees and no longer bother. Just a little fake one on a table that's fairly 'kitty-proof'. Guess Christmas is different when the kids and grandkids are at a distance from us. Now it's just us Old Geezers visitin' with friends & neighbors at holiday times, with goodies & drinks aplenty:)

  2. Doesn't look as though the death of Katy is going to effect the attitude of Cocaine users in the town