Friday, December 07, 2007

Deja Vous

Christmas at the airport. I may re take these photos with my camera,this is the phone.

What a night,wind and rain and gusting cyclonic twisters all night long,over in Portmarnock
and Malahide the roads have deep puddles.
Its Christmas so time for a bad pun.
"I'ts raining cats and dogs.I nearly walked into a poodle"
The insurance federation dinner tonight,loss adjusters meet actuaries. "What a claim I had" Some of the things are incredible. Like the guy who filled up his central heating tank, the tank leaked under the foundations of the house. They had to dig out all the ground floors of his house to 4 feet.then they had to excavate the outside garden and all the "spoil" had to be brought to a secure landfill at e100 per tonne.

There are over 1,200 at this dinner so there was plenty of work.

Lifts to Greystones,Bray, Castleknock and all over the place.
I am a very choosy guy and I pick my passengers carefully.I would be happy to pass 1,000 people than to pick up one slobbering homisidal maniac.
So if I brought you home.
Top marks.

I thought I was caught out tonight.
A Kiwi stopped me when I was going into the Spar on Baggott St.
"Right mate name your price! I have to go to Parnell St. Then to the airport"
I felt sorry for him as he couldn't get a taxi. I'll do it on the meter, OK?
So off we went and he told me of how pissed off he was about net being able to get a taxi."You are a life saver"
We were in Westmorland St. when I noticed that I had forgotten to hit the meter.
(Boys and girls do hit that meter every time)
Look a tenner to Parnell St. and twenty to the airport OK?
Sounds right to me.

We arrive at his apartment complex,"I will be out in a minute".

I waited.
I heard the news.
Johnny Cash,
Willie Nelson,
Shania Twain.

Damn I've been had!

The clever runner always has a great story ready.

"I have to bring in this kidney for a transplant,as soon as I wash my hands I'll be back to pay you,Don't go away."

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFK I turned the key and started the engine,
"why did I not ask him for e20 to hold while waiting?"
As I engage the car in gear and turn on the indicators- Out he comes.

Fair dinkim, or words to that effect and its show time.

So we arrive at the airport.He gives me e40 and my faith in human nature is restored.
You have to take the "Hits" in this game and the resentment when things go wrong can destroy you.

There was a story going round it could be an "Urban Myth" I hope it is.

Dere i was headin off to Ballier when yer wan shouts Stop Im ganna be sk.
So i slaps on da ankers. and ske pukes and gets a bit down the side of the door.
Right that ill cost you e125.
She say fuck off.
So down to the Garda station and the bollox on duty says
"Sort it out among yourselves".
So when I brought them home they called me a stupid thick cunt.
I watched them walk through their front door.
Right says I.
I went home and into my garden shed and got a tin of paint stripper.
I went back to the road and walked to the house and poured the paint stripper over the 3 cars in the drive.
" They'll think twice before they fuck up a taxi driver again"

No argument would convince him that this is exactly how all taxi drivers get tarred with the same brush. They would have a tough job proving it was me.

So for every bad passenger there is an even worse taxi driver.
Or should that be the other way around?

Sad about that young 24 year old model who died, seemed that she had taken cocaine.

There but for the grace of God go our kids


  1. we raised our own and then 16'foster teens' who came to us as being 'troubled'. Worried for ages! Thank God they're all out and prospering all over the world now. Still hear regularly from all of them. Being here in an extremely rural place was a definite asset. Take care:)

  2. John, I forgot to ask. Is there any chance you could e-mail me the original photo of Cartlan's? I copied the one in the blog but it blurs when enlarged to full screen. I want to add it to my 'background photo rotation' if it's ok with you. My mail is on my blog.