Sunday, December 02, 2007

Stormy weather

Well its all about a baby and a stable.The Crib on O'Connell St

The tree a gift from the people of Norway,I wonder what we give them in return.

The weather was bad over the weekend and the forecast is not much better..
Gale warning: in operation

Small craft warning: in operation

Meteorological situation at 2100: A strong, unstable northwest airflow covers Ireland with a low center over Britain moving away eastwards. A weak ridge will move eastwards over Ireland during Monday afternoon with a warm front following later.

Forecast for coasts from Roches Point to Loop Head to Malin Head
Wind: West to northwest force 6 or 7 and gusty but occasionally gale 8 south of Loop Head for a time tonight. Decreasing force 4 or 5 for a time Monday afternoon, later backing southerly and increasing force 5 or 6.
Weather: Occasional heavy showers becoming more scattered during Monday but rain later.
Visibility: Moderate to poor in rain or showers otherwise good

Forecast for coasts from Malin Head to Howth head to Roches Point and the Irish Sea.
Wind: Northwest force 6 or 7 and gusty, decreasing westerly force 4 to 6 for a time tomorrow evening.
Weather: Scattered showers
Visibility: Moderate locally poor in showers but mostly good

Warning of heavy swell: on all Atlantic coasts

Outlook for a further 24 hours until 2400 Tuesday 04 December 2007: Winds becoming south to southwest increasing gale or strong gale force scattered outbreaks of rain and drizzle spreading east, heavier rain later.

Next update before 0700 Monday 03 December 2007
Most of the ferry sailings are off.
All the islands are cut off for sure.

Makes you feel lucky you don't have to go far from base no matter how stormy it gets and you can go home and try your luck another day.
Christmas has kicked off with large groups coming out of venues and demanding their annual taxi ride! Yes they only need you once a year and cannot understand why there is a shortage.
A NOTE TO TAXI DRIVERS, northsiders only. They are having functions in Croke Park so if you divert through Joneses Rd on the way back into town late, you might score.

I had a goo fare from the airport to Dalkey via the toll bridge and the tunnell. Wait for 1/2 hour at the yacht club and then bring the last guy home to Dartry.
Got loads of grief from the last guy who was Russian,
"In Moscow we do not trust taxis,we stop a car and negotiate a price,if we like it we go with them.
Fuck the taxis"
I told him about vetting procedures, fixed charges,clear identification of drivers, complaints procedures to no avail.
He was not paying himself and he would have waited for an hour for another taxi,if I had thrown him out.
He is studying to be come a psychologist,he has a long way to go.
He knows nothing about people or human nature.
I was refreshed to see the Ferrarri in the drive.

Rich people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

I brought 2 groups to the airport who were leaving Ireland for good.
Mixed feelings about the experience over here.
We have thousands of non Irish here Poland, Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Check, Solovak,
Hungarian,Romanian and Russian.Most of them work hard at jobs which are well below their skill levels. I met a Russian guy who worked in the space programme, he was cleaning toilets when he came here,from outer space to basic plumbing.

C'est la vie.

Sad to leave but glad to be going home and never to return.

got an awful smack in the arse.

"Did ya not see the wall?"

Well I did but I just wanted to see how much damage it could do to my car. Feck.

WEll I am sure Christmas might improve things.


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    the first week of partys and already sick of the once a year brigade but as the saying goes "make hay while the sun shines" even though its pis#ing rain come january its going to be dog eat dog out there .STAY SAFE great blogs

  2. bad crack with the car John crap happens eh!

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    I wonder would a bit of that "rubbing compound"that you get in the motor factors fix that dent.

  4. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Czechs & Slovaks