Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Man walks out of hospital

It was as if fate was telling me that something else was going to happen.
A few weeks ago in Northern Ireland a father took petrol and doused the downstairs part of the house before setting the house on fire,killing his family and himself. One of his daughters was on the phone to the emergency services pleading for help.
Then the other day a young guy was stabbed to death by a man who had big mental problems.
(I killed the devil, he told police)
He stabbed the other man 80 times.
The guy had gone to hospital to get help 3 times, twice to the same hospital, he was turned away. Why? We will never know.
Last year a woman presented to a hospital for help before killing herself and her 2 kids.
We were then told that this would never happen again

Seems like the health service is sicker than many of its patients.
Come on lads carry those cards from the Samaritans.

I guess it is the time of the year when we rush around too much, perhaps we could look out for the less fortunate among us.

Seems like when the pressure comes on those maintenance jobs you were putting off catch up with you. Last week a new clutch this week new brake pads. e105

The Luas crashed into a car at Connelly station and for some strange reason they are on now on strike, happy time for taxis.

The desperate situation that the punters find themselves in at the weekend is no laughing matter.
People pleading to be brought home at 4 am.
Why the clubs do not have a rotational closing time.?

Why I will never know.

In Amsterdam you can go on to another place to drink and there is no mad rush in the end.
Perhaps if we had that here no one would go home at all.
Drink is a big problem.(Notice how the advertising is multi lingual.

They even have advertisements telling us about it.
A Judge has asked that the Polish people be made more aware of their drinking problems as well, he is tired of dealing with fatal road crashes and stabbing incidents involving foreign nationals.
The Irish in London Australia and America were the same in the past.
As the old song went
"well it's lonesome away from your kindred and all,
by the campfire at night where the wild dingos call"
The pubs got no beer is probably not the best example.

Still the world is smaller now and most of us can phone home every week.
Say what you like about Ryianair the punters all complain about the airline, but they queue up to fly with them again.
Ryainair has done more to unite Europe than anyone else.
Its founder Dr.Tony Ryan died this year.
A clever man I hope there will be race horses and golf courses in his heaven.

Look I am supposed to be cleaning the house for Christmas.
I hope to do one last posting before Christmas.

In case I don't have time have a really good one.

Hope 2008 is a really lucky year for you all.

Drive safely.


  1. lupan6:43 AM

    John, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope your customers appreciate you over the festive period. I live in Japan, just got the 23rd off for the emperors Birthday myself. maybe next year go back to ireland for Xmas..havnt had an Irish christmas for 7 years, been too long. Take care.

  2. You are a very caring man John, that has become clear from your posts. I do wonder however if the Samaritans cards are going to save the innocant from the loonies.

    The acts of some of those people you described are irrational and I do sincerely wonder if the brave people at the Samaritans can instill rationality into someone who is unaware their behavioural traits are just plain wrong.

  3. Well at least some people are beginning to ask if the appropriate panic buttons could be put into place. Suppose mental health is low on the radar at this time of year.
    All the very best to you Keith and Lupan