Sunday, December 16, 2007

New statue

Brown Thomas window Grafton St,few other shops have put in a special window display.

Well the city fathers have decided to build.

A night shelter for homeless people.
A treatment center for heroin addicts with 80 beds.
A detention center for juvenile delinquents catering for 500.
A refuge for battered wives,kids with 80 family rooms.
An outreach center for destatute people with 60 outreach staff.
An animal welfare pound.
Not even a hospice for dying people with 260 beds.



151 ft tall (46m)1/2 the height of the spire.
Work is well under way in the Liffey beside the new Sean O’Casey bridge,also under construction.
It is designed by artist Antony Gormley, best known for the Angel Of The North in Gateshead, north-east England.

There was a guy once who worked on a building site.
When his mobile rang he always said
"Is that you?"
His nickname became A STATUE.

A memorial for the city fathers should read.

"We didn't sent out the rescue craft.
But we built a fine memorial for the dead."

Quite good that,even though I say so myself.

I have a photo of another other new one beside Store St. Garda station. Would the nickname be the shard by the Guards.

I have photos but after Christmas.

I will not write restaurant reviews but I had occasion to bring a client to lunch in Howth. The King Sitric is well known, expensive at night,but a good lunch menu and strange to say the best value of 5 places we tried.
I don't know about you but deep fried sea bass is not good karma.
So all the others were passed by.
The King Sitric has loads of space with sea views,good food and excellent service.
There are dividing doors so the place can expand when they are busy.
It is a seafood restaurant so there is very little meat on the menu.
Though I had Mallard duck.
Good service and as I said the best value in Howth,though perhaps there might be someplace we missed.Like Beshoffs fish and chips. a 1'N'1.

Some people are an awful ungrateful lot. So glad to be picked up out of the cold.
"Mister you saved my life" e9.60. Thanks very much as they take the 40c change.
Some do,others don't.The old ladies going to East wall and Crumlin are happy with the lift into the house with the messages and drop 2 or 3 euro with a smile.
Perhaps I am putting in too many hours, when you do that things get a bit out of preportion.



  1. Hello, I was in Dublin ten days ago, never been there before. Its a lovely city with extraordinary lovely people. Everyone was so kind. Even when we got lost in the middle of the night somewhere outside the Red Cow Complex, but that's another story.
    I always enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.
    So, I'm back home in Sweden now and I wish you a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Hi Angela,
    Everyone gets lost in Dublin. I am glad you were pointed in the right direction again.
    Dublin must be the worst signposted city in the world,even the sat nav gets you lost!
    Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2008 to you and your family.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    if you want to orientate by Dublin statues, than you might enjoy the map I created on