Sunday, October 17, 2010

Convention time

Ali Cadabra as 2 different types of character magician

Marc Oberon demonstrates his floating wand,

Adrian Sullivans table of magic delights.

Good stuff ?

Well time flies as they say.
You put a ring around a date and next thing you know its tomorrow!

The old taxi drivers knowledge test was last week, today was the "Mystics"convention in Drougheda.

Its hard to believe that you can get up to Drougheda in 40 mins from Dublin with the new M1.

Well there I was late as usual,but I caught Ali Cadabra's lecture.

Lunch break followed with a trip to the dealers hall.
Adrian Sullivan does some great magic and he was selling loads of simple to do magic props. He had a great "Pen through banknote" which leaves no hole in the note.

Anyhoo I went to the Marc Oberon lecture and I fell asleep !
Not that it was a bad lecture by any means, but I was exhausted.

So I cut my losses and skipped the last lecture and the gala show and went home.

Next big magic event is in London, followed by the Blackpool convention in Feb.

Then there will be the FISM in Blackpool in 2012. The Olympic games of magic.
While I am at it why not visit the Castle of Magic in Clontarf.

This ranked ahead of the Guinness Hop Store as a place worth visiting.

Note to self Work less, rest and Enjoy life more.

Next week a tango spectacular opens in the Grand Canal theater.

This tango show is supposed to be fantastic, people from New York told me so, people from New York are always right.

Look at this,Every Tango teaches says "The man always goes forward forward.

You never step backwards" Look at this.

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