Monday, October 25, 2010

A store is born



My oldest boy has gone to London to look for work.
He spent the summer there and found 2 jobs, but they wanted something more long term than just Summer work.
So he came back home to start college.
Now he knew he had 3 modules to finish over the summer break, but his long finger was put to use and the work never was done. So he was OUT.

Life is a series of such things which makes us grow up, sometime.

Now he on the lookout for a permanent job.

My taxi sign stands in the hall as I have a load of work to do around the house, if I had the taxi sign on the roof I would pick up the first person who held their hand out. Then I might get into a run and not get home for hours.

I have promised that this work would be done NOW.
So it will be finished before the first snow!

Just while I am the subject of the Global village.
Here is a link to a documentary which was on our radio station about the Irish Jews.
It is about the life's work of Stewart Rosenblatt who has worked on the family trees of the Irish Jews for years.

Or try this one in 1630 when the entire village of Baltimore were captured by pirates and sold as slaves in Algeria.
One of the survivors of that raid was called Joyce and it was he (So it is said)who designed the first Claddagh ring.

There is a book called "Wherever Green Is Worn" By Tim Pat Coogan, look it up in your librurary, it goes into groups of Irish in Cuba and Argentina and almost all over the world.
In Iran there are a group of Berbers, some of them have red hair and the name Seamus is common among them,Plus they look Irish! However that happened.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Once I picked up Eddie Jordan the now x racing team owner. I looked at him and said, "You look like"........"I know what you are going to say" said he "Eddie Shoemaker"
"No I nearly said Niel Jordan"
We joked about it and then I said.
"Whether you are Eddie Jordan or not, I have a lot of time for him, few people could have done what he did. Breaking into the most exclusive sport in the world and he or you excelled at it so well."
Well I never pressed him to declare if he was the one and only, but he thanked me for my vote and said if he ever met Eddie Jordan he would tell him.
In the Sunday Times Homes section there is an interview with him, he speaks about the time when the bailiffs were going to take his home from him, then he had a chance and later sold his F1 dream and walked away.
He is supporting this charity and he recently opened St.Paul's House which provides free accommodation for families of children and young people who are having cancer and leukemia treatment in London.
It is great when people give back to the community.
While I am at it there is a car reviewed called an Ariel Atom 500V8 and it does 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds. Sounds like fun.

Our local hero is Brian O'Driscoll and he would do anything to support Temple St children's hospital or many other good causes. His Daddy now looks after his affairs, so he has to say no (In the nicest way) more often.

Other celebs like Paris Hilton and Katie Price behave like total assholes.

I know a lot of taxi drivers behave like morons too, guess you don't have to be famous to behave badly.

Did you read about the German heiress who's husband filed for divorce in the UK?
He did this because in the UK there is no law on Prenuptial agreements, i.e. they are not legal there.
His wife was worth €113 Million, so his settlement was around €5 Mill.
Well the case went to the supreme court in the UK. It turned on the point that even if Pre Nups are not recognized in the UK, that that this was the legal agreement that they both had entered into in a jurisdiction where it was a legal fact of life.
It is only there to protect either party who might be wealthy so that the other party cannot enrich themselves through the marriage.

Well no one will be after me for my money, that's for sure.

So the judges agreed and set aside his settlement.
I wonder who will pay the legal costs of the trial?

In a discussion on the BBC someone spoke about how entering a marriage is something that you should with trust and an open heart. Not with such preconditions.They gave the example of a bride with most of the arrangements being completed being presented with a Prenuptial agreement which would be like a blackmail demand.
It would be a bit like a taxi driver being paid in advance and then demanding to be paid again when they reached their destination.

Anyhow if you don't see me on the streets for the next while I hope another taxi comes soon.

Here is a bit of London as seen from a motorbike look out for the red taxi.


  1. Sigh. I went for an 'accrual' pre-nup. Now, after twenty years, I have to pay over 50% to my voluntarily unemployed and completely unhelpful ex-spouse. Love shouldn't be about things, but it oughtn't rob one of them either.

  2. It would have been better to hire a hit man.
    I know a woman who has been paying her husband for 20 years!
    I know husbands do pay too.
    I had a lady who was trying to buy out her husbands share in the family home. He never paid towards it and he has never paid maintenance for his 2 kids either.

    I wish all 3 of you a good change in luck.

    How do you when there is a taxi driver on the plane?
    The moaning continues into the terminal building,