Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Going home RIP

Things are tough for sure but at least we do not have to "delete" any of our children.
I went up to Coolock to buy fish from the Kish fish outlet today.

I asked if they had a collection box and they gave me an envelope.

The guy who was killed on his way to work in Kesh fish shop is being brought home to be buried on Thursday. The least anyone can do is to drop in a few bob to help cover expenses.
They told me that the guy who did it is the brother of the guy who stabbed 2 Polish guys to death with a screwdriver in Drimnagh a while back.

I don't know what kind of twisted minds these guys have.
I hope he gets a good kicking in prison.

Here is the piece from the Irish Independent.

A Polish man attacked on his way to work has died from his injuries, gardai said.

Lukasz Rzeszutko had been fighting for his life since being severely beaten in north Dublin in the early hours of Saturday morning.

His family, who flew in from Poland, were at his bedside when the decision was taken to turn off the life support machine.

Earlier, a man appeared in court charged with assault causing harm in connection with the attack.

Edward Byrne, 20, originally from Coolock, the same district where the attack took place, and two teenagers were arrested on Sunday in relation to the incident.

He gave his address as the YMCA hostel, Aungier Street, in the city centre.

It is understood Mr Rzeszutko has lived in Dublin with his brother since 2007.

He was on his way to work in the Newtown Industrial Estate, Coolock, in the early hours of Saturday when he was attacked.

He was left on the road until a passer-by saw him and called gardai.

The Court Service said Byrne was taken before Dublin District Court where he was remanded in custody until Friday. He will appear again in Cloverhill Court.

This piece refers to the killing of the other 2 Polish men in 2008.
Just look at how many previous convictions he had.
These guys should have not been on the streets in any normal society.

A father-of-one was out on bail for several crimes when he attacked two Polish mechanics with the man who murdered them.

I just Googled this in the Irish Times,This is the report on the 2 Polish guys killed in Drimnagh in 2008.
It makes strange reading, like the guy was a saint and not at all a thug.

4 years ! you would get that for cursing at the Judge.

Seán Keogh (21) of Vincent Street West, Inchicore, was sentenced to four years in prison today for kicking Pawel Kalite in the head, seconds after David Curran had stabbed him through the skull with a screwdriver. Curran, of Lissadel Green in Drimnagh, then stabbed Mr Kalite’s flatmate, Marius Swajkos, in the same way. The 19-year-old is serving life for their murder.

Earlier this month, a jury acquitted Keogh of murdering both men on February 23rd, 2008, outside their home on Benbulben Road. He pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to Mr Kalite, a charge put to him just before the jury began its deliberations after a three week trial.

Detective Garda William Ryan told the Central Criminal Court that Keogh had 75 previous convictions.

He said that on May 26th last year he was sentenced to five years in prison for two counts of endangerment. He also received a five-year sentence for criminal damage, three years for the unauthorised taking of a vehicle and six months for driving without insurance, with his driving without a licence taken into consideration.

He was banned from driving for seven years for dangerous driving on the same occasion. All sentences were concurrent, with the last two years suspended.

D Gda Ryan explained that Keogh got bail on these charges on August 30th, 2007 so was out on bail when he kicked a dying Pawel Kalite in the head.

Mr Justice Liam McKechnie noted Keogh was not part of the "inconsequential scuffle" that took place outside a chipper before the attack on the Polish men. “It was none of his business to get involved in the aftermath at all,” he said.

David Curran was summoned to the chipper after this scuffle and Keogh was with him.

“A decision was made, which I’m convinced was to the effect in Seán Keogh’s mind to get the men involved,” said the judge. He said that he and others accompanied a screaming and roaring David Curran to the Polish men’s house and that Keogh knew Curran had a screwdriver.

“He saw David Curran, with frightening speed and deadly accuracy, strike Pawel Kalite at least once,” he said. “Seán Keogh then delivered a vicious kick to Pawel Kalite.”

The judge noted that Keogh delivered the kick to the most vulnerable part of his body, the head. “He was a dying man. He was utterly exposed and defenceless, without any protection,” he said of Mr Kalite.

“It wasn’t enough that David Curran had stabbed Pawel Kalite to satisfy Seán Keogh’s lust for harm. He had to feed his own lust and did so. He showed utter contempt for a fellow human,” he continued. “It showed a deep and sickening sense of personality to which society should not be exposed. On any level it was pure thuggery,” he said.

“If he’s capable of doing this sort of thing, what else is he capable of doing?” he asked.

The judge said that the law and courts had to deal in an aggressive way with this and provide a level of protection. Condemnation was not enough he said; action was necessary and sentence was the only available action.

Having been told that five years was the maximum sentence, the judge said a sentence of four and a half years was appropriate.

He noted a number of factors put forward by the defence as mitigation, including the evidence by the partner and mother of Keogh’s child, Sarah Adams. Ms Adams told the court that she and their three-year-old daughter visit Keogh in jail every week.

“She said he’s matured in prison,” noted the judge. “I only hope that she’s right.”

He noted that their daughter was about nine months old when her father committed the assault. “I wonder what regard he had for (the baby) then?” he asked. “I wonder why he wasn’t at home then looking after his daughter of nine months. I suspect she is wondering the same.”

He took Keogh’s fatherhood into consideration along with his remorse and willingness to tackle his alcohol problems, and he suspended the final six months of the sentence.

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