Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tango Passion

Well I told you that the Tango passion show is on this week.
Tonight our tango school went to the show and then we stole the cast and we brought them back to the Pillar room for a bit of a hooley.
First of all let me say they are the strongest fittest group of people I ever saw.
You couldn't believe how the men lifted the female dancers right up over their heads.
I would find it hard enough to lift up a 4 year old like that.
If you miss this you will have to wait a long time for something else as good as it.

Anyhow 3 performances left and then they will be heading towards you.
The lighting was very bad, but it gives you the mood of the after show party.

Here is a clip of the show from you tube.A bit different too.

Fancy footwork for sure.
Good night

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