Sunday, October 10, 2010

Urgent Garda notice

Once the entrance to a fine house

The last journey to Hammond Lane

October fest

It is sad to note the passing of Dr. Maurice Nelligan the wonderful heart surgeon.
His skill and great humanity will be sadly missed.
There are a lot of people walking around today thanks to his skills.

It takes a brave heart and a steady hand to do open heart surgery.

I hope he is re united at last with his daughter who was murdered a few years ago. That terrible act shook him to his foundations when it happened.

A copy of the Taxi regulators newsletter arrived in the post the other day.
Along with it came 2 notices about serious crimes which took place in the 18th Sept and the 26th July.
Can anyone remember that far back?

One would have to wonder what the logic is behind the action of sending out urgent information like that.

Last time I looked it was 2010, the age of Internet and mobile phones.

I can send a text message to all my friends from my computer, I can send 400 texts free every month.
If every Dublin taxi drivers mobile numbers were on a computer and there was a shooting or a major incident you could text every mobile phone in a few seconds.

"Blood doners urgently needed".
"M50 blocked at Blanchardstown exit" Etc

This is not rocket science, its instant and it costs little or nothing.

Also in the newsletter is the facts and figures in respect of the taxi industry.

44,775 active driving licences.

Of Limos she states Carlow 1,Cavan 2 and Leitrum 7, surely there are a lot more? counting funeral cars as well.

I do not believe for one minute that there are 11,465 active taxi licences in Dublin.
If there is only that amount then there are hundreds of illegal taxis working the city streets at night.

It will be interesting to see if the regional stickers will prevent the other drivers from operating in the Dublin area.

Her record for enforcing the law is quite a joke, 2 forged identifications.
I could get her 200 in one night.
Standing for hire at a place other than a taxi rank..82 Look at the illegal rank at the bottom of Grafton St.
Ah well I could go on but no one would listen.


  1. this ad is awesomely inappropriate

  2. Well, the fact that the second hand is black makes it all the worse. But for anyone who has relied on Sat Nav it is quite funny.

  3. The ad is wrong, but in a good way. It was entertaining. I'll say that.

    It seems to me that the person who should be upholding the rules may need a better view of what's going on. I wonder what would happen if she rode around with some of the drivers for awhile? Would be interesting to say the least.