Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Magic Moments

We all could do with a little bit of magic in our lives from time to time.
I went out to the magic club and saw a lecture by Michael Ammar the famous American master magician and this morning I brought him and his assistant Jeff Kaylor to the airport. 19 lectures in 19 European cities in 21 days. That's show business.

I likes a bit of magic I do!

I tried 3 times to get in at Heuston but each time I drove past as I couldn't get on to the rank. It is very annoying to find that there are spaces along the queue where drivers haven't moved up.

So I went up to the Westbury to get some refreshment.

Big excitement Rosanna Davidson the former miss World and daughter of Chris De Burgh the singer.
There was a Rolls Royce and a beautiful vintage Jaguar car
Then out came Hammond of Top Gear fame.
The fuss was to promote the Top Gear show which is coming back to Dublin.
Then there was another big photocall to promote the Toys 4 big boys which is a bit of a diversion from the gloom and doom.

The TV show about the taxi industry was not great. a lot of comments about how grat it is that you can get a taxi now and not enough attention on un licenced and un vetted drivers moonlighting on the streets, without insurance and paying no tax.

Perhaps after a murder people will waken up, but by then people may be too afraid to ever use taxis again.

Ok for the restv of us here is something in Engrish.

We knew each other when we both had hair.

Just in case you thought all the mad drivers were Irish taxi drivers.

That was agreat kick.!


  1. Haha, loved the last video. Fun pictures too!

  2. Great post John as usual.