Thursday, August 07, 2014

A bump on the road

                     The old reliable HailO app
             The herbaceous border In St.Annes park Clontarf
              This was once the main drive for the Guinness family heading off to work St.Annes Park)

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Lets hope the spammers keep away.

I hit a bump on the  road of life.

I have been working too hard.
For 3 days I have been getting up at 5.30 am to bring my son into work, then I work on.
I had not taken a day off for a couple of months.
I did the trip to London and back in less than 24 hours and then I went straight back to work without a break.

Then the other day I was picking up a HailO job when I clipped the edge of the footpath which was submerged under water BANG my front tyre is cut to shreds.So after explaining to my customer that I couldn't take her to work I set to work changing my wheel.
The rain was lashing down, each drop a spoonful.
As John Lennon said "You never felt the rain my friend until you felt it running down your back"
It is awful to feel rain running down the inside of your shirt.

So I had got the wheel off when this guy pulled up.
"Excuse me my friend. I wonder can you help me?
I have an electrical instrument which has stopped working and I am wondering if you could help me?
It is very important to me, I am a medical doctor,"
So I wiped the rain from my eyes while he started to search for his instrument In the boot of his car. He had loads of crap. The biggest collection of things I have ever saw.
Including photos of Pope John Paul, a book about his visit to Ireland and photographs of Islamic leaders and other important people I did not recognize..
"Man you are backing every side there".
So, as he was still looking I went back to my wheel.
I had it on the studs and the burst one put away when he found his instrument, it was for stimulating muscle movement with voltage. He had the transformer in his hand...I could see no fuse but I noticed that it was capable of holding batteries, so it should work..But to look for a reset button.
We went our separate ways
Then I tightened my nuts and drove home and went to bed.

The very next day I drove up Talbot St. and saw a guy rummaging in the back of his car 5.45 am.
Guess what!
It was him again
Seamus the Doctor. Then I dropped off my lad and drove around to talk to him.
Talk about an interesting guy he is bursting with life and ideas,
"John call to my surgery and I will give you a complete health check free, I mean it"
I thought he was Iranian but his people come from India /Pakistan region as I say he is a man of great wisdom and insight.
Today he needs someone with a circuit tester.

Did you ever hear the saying
Well I hope so.

HailO have brought in a new App. Gone are the Jobs Burst! The closed roads and traffic alerts.
Now you cannot calculate how much you are making per shift or per hour.
When you get a job the "Map of location" is total crap.
This is what happens when you have guys who work in the office and never speak to the guys who work the system.
I had the new app a while ago and took it off, but the powers that be refused to change it and they are now stopping the old system that worked so well...This is not progress.

Anyhow to give some people something to look forward to International magic in London sent me the running order for their convention in November.
Here is one name that is on the list.

This is great.

Henry Evans from Argentina will be there too.

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